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SMAGALAZ Dorzucamy do Grilla

  • Do It - Henry Rollins
    "Don't think about it - Do it Don't talk about it - Do it Do it, do it Don't lie about it - Do it Do it, do it Talk about your sick man, so good you got to do it, do it D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-do"
  • Do Right - Jimmy's Chicken Shack
    "Won't make the bed up straight I always stay out late I never take you out Ask what you're all about I always smell like smoke Everythings just a joke I never look at you When you come hear me sing These"
  • Do mnie, do Ciebie - Karmacoma
    "Moje oczy widzą strach, twoje oczy patrzą w dal Moje usta krzywią się, twoje usta zdobi śmiech Moje myśli złoty ptak, twoje myśli złota blask Moje dłonie kryją raj, twoje dłonie nieba dar Nasze serca płoną"
  • Do Ya Do Ya - Samantha Fox
    "life is a road life is a plan life is a role life is more than it seems enlightened delighted confused or clear today is your day there's world in a world outside they're all the same when you stay inside getting"
  • Do Ya - Peaches
    "Livin' the dream Whateva that means It's time to come clean When you're rockin' the scene I am the one who will take you Do you wanna go? Be in my show You could shake it a bit Or scream and sweat Some"
  • I Do - Dashboard Confessional
    "Oh love, hang on, Ive gotta say this right 'Cause I only get one shot, Once in my life 'Cause I want to grow old with you And I want you to hold me forever Do you think that you love me? 'Cause I do,"
  • Do America - Mark Knopfler
    "Well I have been it every since I was a kid at school Now they love me in Newcastle and in Liverpool I am as hard as a pistol I can't do no wrong I've been in Birmingham and Bristol to play my song Take"
  • Do Ya - Jump5
    "Do you like the freckles on my face Do you like my teeth theyre out of place I'd like to think so Do you like the funny way I speak I dont clean my room for weeks and weeks I'd like to think so Do"
  • Do Over - Get Set Go
    "Do Over; Ordinary World; Trk 08 Extra-dimensional asteroids The president's a liar, and the people are all stupid, and no one really gives a fuck; everyone's a racist, everybody is a liar, and everyone"
  • Do Run - Novastar
    "do run, do run, do run, do run see how bright you are do run, do run, do run, do run see how bright you are gave it a lot of time so far it's the best that we could do best that we could do do run, do"

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