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  • Drowning On Dry Land - Tab Benoit
    "I'm going down. My nose is in the sand I'm going down, down, baby. My nose is in the sand A cloud of dust just came over me And I think I'm drowning on dry land You know, my father told me, son don't"
  • Lacio Drom (Buon Viaggio) - Litfiba
    "La strada dove finisce Senza piedi user le mani mani Fino alla pista che non esiste La cavalcher sui venti e gli uragani Regina di periferia Con gli occhi della rabbia e dell'arcobaleno Che non conoscono"
  • Let The Tears Dry - Yoko Ono
    "Let the tears dry and bring back your smile Hear the mountains cry The tears will grow where you laid your tears Rivers will flow, rivers will flow Flow where you rest your fears A soul has fled when"
  • High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night) - Def Leppard
    "Saturday, I feel right I been drinking all day Yes I got a date, a midnight ride I had to get it away Yeah, I'm not a loner, I'm not a fool Don't need a reason, reason to be cool I got my whiskey,"
  • Till Your Well Runs Dry - Peter Tosh
    "You said you loved me and then you left you broke every promise you win every bet (Chorus) you never miss your water till your well runs dry so tell me tell me whatcha gonna do when your well runs dry Listen"
  • When The River Runs Dry - Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
    "You can stab me in the back You can paint my pure heart black Puts me on another track But I guess you know by now Takes a while before I see That you always disagree Really brings me misery But I guess"
  • Till the rivers run dry - REO Speedwagon
    "You ask how long Ill love youIts hard to explain but Ill tryTell me how long has the sun been shiningAbove us in the sky? Till the last day of forever,If I have it my way well stay togetherTill the rivers"
  • Hang Me Out To Dry - Ian Gillan
    "I can't lose Don't want to change my situation I can't lose Got this strange infatuation When my seeds were sown Then the cold wind blowing in my face My life was just confusion And when I roll my eyes"
  • Dry Grass And Shadows - Alela Diane
    "There are things that I've seen in my head While I'm sleeping in bed Do not wither in the morning light I'm taken back O I'm taken back To the dry grass and the shadows Thinking I'd like to look"
  • When The Well Runs Dry - Impellitteri
    "Time's tickin' money's slippin' away Can't keep a hold of it any way Sick and tired of being pushed around You don't know me, like you think you do No you can't show me Goin' down to the river, when the"

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