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blank space taylort sfiw

  • In Space - Ludo
    "The moon is old All dusty craters Fear and panic Orbit mars Saturn's dark side rings Are just plain beautiful Back on earth You're waking up soon Stretching in The morning light No celestial body Could"
  • Space Junk - Scaterd Few
    "Allow me to introduce my point of view As we slip another Meg to clone a hyperlink Bouncing millimeter waves from head to toe I will show you scans from one of my future neuro-sunc's Everyday and where"
  • Space Dog - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Under The Pink Space Dog Way to go Mr. Microphone show us all what you don't know centuries secret societies he's out commander still space dog so sure we were on something your feet are finally"
  • Space Lord - Monster Magnet
    "I've been stuffed in your pocket for the last hundred days When I don't get my bath I take it out on the slaves So grease up your baby for the ball on the hill Polish them rockets now, and swallow those"
  • Space Cowboy - 'N Sync
    "Riprock,AG Come in, over Yo, turn me up I wanna be heard See I'm talkin' about the future ya'll And the future looks bright 'specially when we rip it in half Here it comes (Millennium) And everybody's"
  • Space Monkey - Placebo
    "A space monkey in the place to be, Riding in a rocket to a planet of sound, She and the unplayed Dominos in drag, Increasing population of 100%. Space monkey in the place to be, With a chemical appeal, And"
  • Space Wrangler - Widespread Panic
    "A little wrangler was born I seen him squirming in the saddle all wet and warm He's such a changeable form in his very first year He rides on to wrangler school With a slingshot and a saddlebag of hand-me-down"
  • Outer Space - Mob Rules
    "I see a new day's dawning And I hear the keeper's call I take it as a warning And awake them all Listen to the church bells See the clouds are getting dark There's lightning up in heaven When hell"
  • Space Time - Gojira
    "I fix my attention on this ball spinning round inside of me, deep inside Revolving conscious planet on an axis around this star By the light And the black holes in the vault of heaven make me wonder,"
  • Empty Space - Lifehouse
    "Too late to hide And too tired to care Take what you've left And forget the rest Take what you see Of what's left of me You know where I've been And I don't want to go there again (Chorus) You're beautiful You're"

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