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Teksty piosenek (1957)

model tokhing

  • Red Earth - New Model Army
    "The rock is made of diamond, the rivers wash with gold The sun beats down in rhythm, pounding on our reason Pounding on our reason, ringing in our skulls Sometimes this land looks empty ' it plays so many"
  • Too Close To The Sun - New Model Army
    "I stared at the mountain, the mountain stared at me I couldn't hold its gaze, I couldn't bare what I might see Tell Mary I never chose to come but all too late This time the time has chosen me The fields"
  • Another Imperial Day - New Model Army
    "You could be there on a dark october night waiting for the moment to be swimming 'cross the freezing river holding a plastic bag of belongings just out of the water climbing up the banks on the other"
  • Island - New Model Army
    "The wind blows keen across the ridge Black against a charcoal grey We climb up here by the winding path made so long ago In the valley below the last few lights glow just like the embers of a fire We begin"
  • Fireworks Night - New Model Army
    "All the mistakes that I have made All the things I should have seen but I looked away All the things we should have shared that we kept to ourselves All the things that we shared we should have kept to"
  • Wired - New Model Army
    "At the witching hour we'll be gone from here When the snake-black roads are just about clear Onto the hard-line dark horizon Through the silver in the air And if home is where the heart is We'll just keep"
  • One Of The Chosen - New Model Army
    "It was I that was lost and they that were searching It was I that was weak and they had the power So I went with the others to the bus that was waiting And we drove out for miles to a place in the country We"
  • High - New Model Army
    "Down beneath the swoosh of the turbines, the long grass blows in ripples There's a beautiful spiral of roads that leads the lost up here I was watching the birds taking off to swoop down over the city They"
  • No Mirror, No Shadow - New Model Army
    "It's hard to talk to people who remember what I say I guess I need an amnesiac priest or something Or a stranger on a long bus journey to somewhere far away One day the desert will cover all the earth With"
  • Dawn - New Model Army
    "I get so angry and helpless There's no way back from this spiral Something always has to give And nothing is given for nothing The drug is in my veins now Your life is your own for the taking My body"

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