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Alicia Keys If I Aint Got You Stripped

  • Grits Aint Groceries (All Around The World) - Little Milton
    "If I don't love you baby..Grits Aint Groceries.Eggs 'Aint Poultry an Mona Lisa Was a Man All around the world I'd rather be a fly I'd light on my baby Stay with m'woman till I die With a toothpick"
  • Keys to the city - Lil Kim
    "Ha ha ha ha,I don't care what yall say,whoa!, is time to rock n roll,This time Im in control.whoa!, right now I'm on the streets,I got the keys to the city, Thats how I get down.whoa!, is time to rock"
  • Keys Out Lights On - Jenny Owen Youngs
    "I kick you like a dog that never gets fed Kick you like a dog that never gets fed I trust you with my words like you're my friend I've got so much Stowed away down there I've got so much Stowed away"
  • Keys To The City - Lil' Kim
    "uh ha ha ha, I don't care what y'all say, (chorus) Oh, lets rock n' roll This time I'm control Right now I own the streets I got the keys to the city That's cause I get down Oh, lets rock n' roll This"
  • Keys To The Kingdom - Linkin Park
    "No control / no surprise Tossed the keys to the kingdom Down that hole in my eye I’m my own / casualty I fuck up everything I see Fighting in futility We start the final war Tell me what’s worth fighting"
  • Keys To Your Heart - John Waite
    "All I ever wanted was to get away And spend some time alone To a big house in the country To a private yacht with Wall St. on the phone And in a million dollar paradise Maybe I could sing a better song But"
  • Keys Under Palm Trees - Nicki Minaj
    "Hear the Devil callin', I can hear em, It's like I get chills down my spine when I'm near him, Mad, I'm a tad too bad, I don't fear him, I don't need the preachers, I'm the high priestess. Everywhere I"
  • Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy) - Huey Lewis & The News
    "I can see you've got your motor running Don't you think you're movin kinda slow If you feel the way I feel Let me get behind the wheel We don't need any destination baby Anywhere you wanna go Give"
  • Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) - Tool
    "Excuse me, doctor? If you have a moment? A moment? What's the question? More of a situation: A gentleman in exam three. What's the problem? That is the problem. We're not sure... You got the chart? Right"
  • Keys To The City - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Everywhere I go I'm first in line, don't need no money got lots of time. Bottom of my list is tea with the mayor, got the key to the city, now you better beware. All the beer in the bars and shops is"

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