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All you need is love the beatles

  • Love Is All The Matter - Eric Carmen
    "Love Is All That Matters (Eric Carmen) Lost in a dance Waiting for the chance All I really needed was to love you Night after night Searchin' for the light You saved me You gave me something I could feel Love"
  • The Beatles - Devendra Banhart
    "Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are the only Beatles in the world Do you feel like dancing are you getting hung Do you wanna be my girl "Riquitiquitiqui" canta el troubador Como una flor tan gorda que"
  • The Beatles - Daniel Johnston
    "When I was born in '61 They already had a hit They worked so hard and they Made it too They really were very good They deserved all their success They earned it yes they did they didn't Buy their respect And"
  • All I Need (Is Not To Need You) - Patty Loveless
    "(Robinson/Nichols/Scruggs) I don't need to go crazy Runnin' round town til dawn The last thing I need's a shoulder To let my tears fall on If you wanna know the truth I'd be good as new If it weren't"
  • All I Ever Need Is You - (With Sonny & Cher) - Cher
    "Sometimes when i'm down and all alone just like a child without a home. The love you give me keeps me hanging on oh honey, all i ever need is you. Your my first love your my last. Your my future your"
  • You Need Love - Muddy Waters
    "You've got yearnin' and I got burnin' Baby you look so sweet and cunning Baby way down inside, woman you need love Woman you need love, you've got to have some love I'm gonna give you some love, I"
  • You Need Love - Barclay James Harvest
    "Everybody's got to have a secret love Everyone's got to be free Free to believe that love lasts forever Everybody's got to have a shoulder to cry on Everyone's born with the need The need to be loved in"
  • All I Need Is A Little Bit - Madeleine Peyroux
    "You got a lot of tenderness And so much love, you can get no rest If youre willing to waste a little time I don't wanna all of it All I need is a little bit You got a lot of money saved No use taking"
  • I'm All You Need - The Divine Comedy
    "Don't look a horse in the mouth Don't let a frog get you down Dragging you round like a dog on a lead I'm all you need Baby I'm in love with you And my love could go on and on Maybe you could love me"
  • What You Need - The Fall
    "How can I? How can I? How can I? Get up, make a buck Get up, make a buck My race was bred on hash My race was bred on hash Get up, make a buck, Get up, make a buck. The stolen dark Please don't (muffled)."

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