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Baez Joan - The Dream Song

  • Dream - Ben Harper
    "When I want you in my armsWhen I want you and your charmsWhenever I want you all I have to do is dreamDream dream dreamWhen I feel blue in the nightAnd I need you to hold me tightWhenever I want you all"
  • Dream - Norther
    "I saw a dream that can't be real It takes me to my mind Now look inside this evil dream of mine I left you dying in the rain Now you feel my fucking pain You know I am insane but in the end it's all the"
  • Dream - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE1: I like to sing so I sing Someday I'm gonna shine like the stars and Yes, I can do it I know I can do it 'Cause I can dream VERSE2: My friend says when he grows up He wants to find that burn bright"
  • Dream - Grace Jones
    "Nothing comes during a sleep above a dream, You better wake up and face reality, You never get ahead just laying around in bed, What you can see you really can achieve. Dream means a sleepless fulfillment"
  • Dream - Michelle Tumes
    "There's a dream in your heart and His heart is your prayer... I believe there is divine imagination Give it wings for it created aviation Every little hope you're holding inside Every little gleam you"
  • Dream - Sean Lennon
    "Another zone The time moves slowly Like a foreign film With no sub-titles to explain Can you see what I mean I know its just a dream I've lost my laser beam The skies are blue Cream and purple circle The"
  • Dream - Birdy
    "Breathe I’m listening close to every word that you speak Don’t try to blame the things that bring you down, just see I’m on your side and counting down the days to be Right beside you when you sleep and"
  • Dream - Godhead
    "If you'd listen to what I have to say to you You would never be the same again You're like porcelain Close your eyes, feel inside You wonder why I brought you here If you'd open up just once and hear my"
  • Dream - Fair Warning
    "It only seems like yesterday - You broke the spell and turned away The darkness of the night. Your smile just like the morning sun - It healed the pain I felt so long Dried all the tears I cried. One"
  • Dream - Shawn Mendes
    "Dream /4x Hello /3x Can i hear an echo? Purple red and yellow I cna’t wait to get home Head down on the pillow Holding you is all i think about You’re asleep in London I wish you were coming Back home"

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