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Big sstar

  • Big Bikes - Kyuss
    "Here she comes a ridin Well burning down the street. Here she comes a fucking the boy, Hear the New York street Cuz I want some pussy, Yeah yeah yeah yeah. From a bad bitch well on a big bike, big bike"
  • Big Love - Chris LeDoux
    "You need a man to get lost it with a heart big enough to roam No more fences for you to look through with your heart caught in a strangle hold I've got a love full of wide open spaces I've got a big love"
  • Big Mouth - Whodini
    "A big mouth, a big mouth Theres a rumor bein spread about me and the crew About somethin we did or supposed to do You might not have heard it or maybe you have But when I first heard it all I did was"
  • Big Man - Antibalas
    "Class! We are here to teach you a lesson on the dance floor But this song is not a dance I will tell you a story Brothers and sisters This story is about a big big man And a small small man that made him Small"
  • Too Big - Suzi Quatro
    "Say sugar honey you gotta act like me You can take a passion lovin' panther Make him weak at the knees. You can shake him like a rattle And roll him like a dice. But honey you know I'm too big to be nice I"
  • Big Time - Whigfield
    "Hi dee hi dee hi dee hi dee ho Hi dee hi dee hi dee hi dee ho Hi dee hi dee hi dee hi dee ho Hi dee hi dee hi dee hi dee ho I'm gonna tell you what I wanna do I got things to show you You gotta give"
  • Big Mistake - Cetera Peter
    "Cetera Peter Solitude / Solitaire Big Mistake Keeps them all waiting They're standing in line He never has to worry about being alone He's taking his own sweet time The man's mighty hot Believe it or not Every"
  • Big Deal - Everything But The Girl
    "You don't know what's wrong, you only know it isn't right. You don't remember for how long, but you wake in tears at night. Big deal. Big deal. You spend four nights a week now looking for your inner"
  • Big Trouble - Robert Palmer
    "Don't move... Just one false move and you're dead meat You know you're running out of luck You won't admit it when you're beat You see me comin' better duck Big trouble, I'll lay you to waste Big trouble,"
  • Big House - Michael Penn
    "Without an invitation It used to be more fun Surveillance through the dry brush You knew the art of ring and run And hid behind the T-bird Unless the door would open first You had a talent for excuses An"

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