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Cheryll blossom

  • Enter My Religion - Liv Kristine
    "I met you in a hidden yard I held your hand for a second time You kissed my lips and what I felt Was the blossom of a rose I didn't rain the times you cried You left a sea of a million tears And I took"
  • Ice - The Stranglers
    "Die like cherry blossom Hagakure with perfume Deadly with make up on But it just won't do I have ice instead of heartburn She has ice on her fingers We have ice in the oven But it just won't do"
  • A Desert Flower - A.R. Kane
    "A.r. Kane Miscellaneous A Desert Flower How do i love you As much as i do Like a prisoner Inside a shell Send me a sunrise Bring me a bell A desert flower Rise with the moon Unfurl your petals And kiss"
  • Julie (Remix) - Jens Lekman
    "Oh Julie, meet me by the vending machine Oh Julie, I'm gonna buy you a wedding ring Eating french fries by the dock of the bay Lots of ketchup and mayonnaise You said this town's too big for our hearts You"
  • Rub A Dub - 311
    "Ooh, what else can I do (2x) Ooh, face in a screw Ooh, racing to prove You never remember The blossom sender Still in a rub a dub style Long time you don't know what I'm doing whoa Long time see troubles"
  • Twisted - Annie Lennox
    "I didn't want to know you. I didn't mean to be your friend. But now it seems I'd run through burnin' fire Just to see your face again. I didn't want to hurt you Or be hurt by you At the closing of the"
  • A Flower In The Desert - The Cult
    "Wait a minute, my friend Don't pass me up for dead As Babylon crumbles to sand Oh sweet flower blossom in my hands Another day is ending for them Another day will end I am alive, see my rivers flowing"
  • Julie - Jens Lekman
    "Oh Julie, meet me by the wending machine. Oh Julie, I'm gonna buy you a wedding ring. Eating French fries by the dock of the bay. Lots of ketchup and mayonnaise. You said this town is too big for our hearts. You"
  • Learning As We Go - Leona Naess
    "Did you ever have a day When it all just came apart You thought that This would be the end This would be the end This would be the end... Did it ever hurt so bad So vicious, cruel or sad You thought that Nothing"
  • Stone Soul Picnic - Swing Out Sisters
    "Can you surry, can you picnic Can you surry, can you picnic c'mon c'mon and Surrey down to a stoned soul picnic Surrey down to a stoned soul picnic There'll be lots of time and wine Red yellow honey sassafrass"

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