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  • Aurelia - Smith Kendra
    "She steps over shadows the path by the castle Gold earrings and hair and the moon Dress like a sail it is billowing past her She's gone down to the wishing well Ships made of copper pennies and silver Have"
  • Scum Grief - Swingin' Utters
    "I try to please them with my way most every day i try to please you while i'm here wasting away i'll promise you a world so wide, love replace my lies in time with truth, love. Access to exits everywhere"
  • (Why Is Your) Heaven So Small - Susan Werner
    "excuse me sir, what did you say? when you shout so loud, it's hard to tell you say that I must change my ways for i am surely bound to hell well I know you'd damn me if you could but my friend, that's"
  • Geometri - DeLillos
    "At livet er en sirkel Det har du lest og hrt Og sentrum er deg selv Sier psykologien Men skjebnens vei og snirkel Har mang en av oss frt Fra dette sentrum ut I periferien Da m du si deg selv at Du er"
  • Give Her A Gun - Echobelly
    "Let the fear dislocate, Lest we frown upon the female agressor, Makes no sense, goes against the gender, Let her anger curse the years of oppression, Blame the mother, sell the sister, Before she blows"
  • Fed Up - Naked Aggression
    "Human Rights aren't worth much today Greed and power is what dominates We'd be better off ruling ourselves Freedom's never given out It's something that you have to take Every civil right that was won Came"
  • Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten - Nile
    "I Hath Dreamed Black and Grim, Desolate Visions Of the Pre-Human Serpent Folk and Communed with Long-dead Reptiles. Silently Watching Through the Ages in Cold, Curious Apathy. The Unending Sorrows and"
  • Eat Of The Dead - Nile
    "The highest fulfillment of man Is to become food for the crawling things That burrow and slither in human flesh Unceasing in mindless hunger Remorseless undefiled by reason The worms of the tomb they are"
  • Alive - Pacifier / Shihad
    "Wannabe Oh Millionaire f**k! I've got something exploding inside of my head I will try to forget everything that you said Royalty Oh Counterfeit Whore I will try to forget everything that you said I've"
  • The Ballad Of Queen B & Baby Duck - Eagles Of Death Metal
    "For so long, the king was alone King Baby Duck sat alone on his throne (Oh no...) Everyday went and aloned he remained Then came the Queen Bee and everything changed You can't have some rock, lest you"

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