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Shoppin around

  • All Around - Ola Trzaska
    "All Around people are losing the minds For cash, for hate, for religion But I want to lose only the time which I would spent with you sometime I'd rather be around to touch you when I need But I couldn’t"
  • Shop Around - New Edition
    "I never move too fast girl When it comes to letting my feelings show I like to take my time out I like to do it slow 'Cause a man's got to do Every woman he can 'Cause it's in our nature Said it's in my"
  • Horsin' Around - Prefab Sprout
    "It's me again your worthless friend or foe I somehow let that lovely creature down Horsin' around, horsin' around Some things we check and double check and lose I guess I let that little vow get lost Forgettin'"
  • Turn Around - Billy Joel
    "Oh, sweet lady Runnin' like a stream You don't look back Because you know hands are clean You make believe That the past was just a dream You make believe the past was just a dream Turn around Turn around And"
  • Run Around - Jefferson Airplane
    "One time ,run around, Dont look and for me to go your way You left me here with out anything to love Ill tell you Ive.. had. enough of your hands running round my brain, And Ive.. had have enough of"
  • Movin' Around - Vengaboys
    "If The Beat's Gonna Make You Move If The Beat's Gonna Make You Move If The Beat's Gonna Make You Move You Start To Groove Now Put Your Hands In The Air Feel The Bass Go Down Love Is All About Movin'"
  • All around - Initial D
    "You can take me anywhereAway from all this crazy worldI will go with youEverywhere you goAnytime you want me thereI'll be with youI can feel you wanting meI just can't turn away from youYou have what it"
  • Movin Around - Vengaboys
    "If The Beat's Gonna Make You Move... If The Beat's Gonna Make You Move... If The Beat's Gonna Make You Move... You Start To Groove... Now Put Your Hands In The Air... Feel The Bass Go Down... Love"
  • Look Around - Orson
    "Baby, wake up. Baby, come see. And if you lose your way, Just hold on to me. The flames have all died out, Our hearts are still beating. The rain is gone, The rain is gone. Just look around. Our time"
  • Humpin' Around - Bobby Brown
    "When you trust someone and you know you're on their back You ain't got no trusting about you And you claim that you Don't care what where I'm at You've given me reason to doubt you Say you trust someone Why"

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