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  • Rock Tonite - April Wine
    "April Wine Animal Grace Rock Tonite (myles goodwyn) Published by northern goody two tunes, ltd./capac - ascap Well this is it, well alright Come on baby, you know what i like Let's rock tonite, when i'm"
  • Rock On - Vandenberg
    "Alright! They say life is just a threat, they know what is good and bad I know what I want, no one tells me what to do - alright! They say life ain't just for fun, but my life has just begun I'm not gonna"
  • Jailhouse Rock - American Idol
    "The warden threw a party in the county jail. The prison band was there and they began to wail. The band was jumpin' and the joint began to swing. You should've heard those knocked out jailbirds sing. Let's"
  • Peppermint Rock - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) Peppermint rock with your name right through it all Suck it all day and it might go away Kiss me quick, cowboy, helter skelter Trampoline on the beach all day She loves me, she loves"
  • Rock Steady - Kool Moe Dee
    "[ VERSE 1 ] I roll hard (Oh-oh, oh my God!) That's right, baby, I run the yard Got the bass for your bottom, if you feel it in your butt Do your dance, and I tell you what When this party is over, there'll"
  • Rock it - Mark'Oh
    "Rock it, yeah, rock it! Rock it, yeah, rock it! Rock it, yeah, rock it! Rock it, yeah, rock it! Turn it up! Let's go! Rock it, yeah, rock it! Rock it, yeah, rock it! Rock it, yeah, rock it! Rock it, yeah,"
  • Body Rock - Fifth Harmony
    "I'm dancing in the rain Cause there's a fire burning deep inside for you I'm locked into your chain Cause I'm addicted to the way your body moves Oh, my heart is racing and my temperature is blazin' through"
  • Rock Wit'cha - Bobby Brown
    "Now that you are here with me Baby, let's do it right Lady, you know just what I need I want to hold you, oh, so tight Baby, just touch me anywhere Cutie, you turn me on, ooh, baby I'd like to run my"
  • Rock On - Michael Damian
    "Hey kids rock and roll, Rock on, ooh my soul Hey kids boogey too, did ya Hey shout, summertime blues, Jump up and down in my blue suede shoes Hey kids rock and roll, rock on And where do we go from here? Which"
  • Castle rock - Frank Sinatra
    "I met her dancing to the Castle Rock,I held her tight and danced around the clockWe rocked to romance to the Castle Rock,She kissed me and I kissed my heart goodbye.I felt like I was drifting `cross the"

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