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Vifio sex mom

  • Sex Jail - Twilightning
    "Locked up in a cage without a clue She didn't know what she was supposed to rue Neither did she guess that one essential operation Led to a sentence of a lifetime in damnation Sex jail - A place for vestal"
  • Phone Sex - Syleena Johnson
    "Now Twista and Syleena on tour, we can barely see each other and you told me you aint like that. But what if I find a way where we can still be together and get freaky, would you like that? I know I'm"
  • Sex Junkie - My Ruin
    "Sex Junkie lyrics You Live Your Life Just To Let Yourself Go You Are The Lowest The Lowest Of The Low Beg For Me Crawl For Me Down On Your Knees You're A Sex Junkie You'll Do As I Please Harder Faster Harder"
  • Sex me - E-Rotic
    "Set me out of control, I want it now Cause, baby, I fall for you anyhow Just set me out of control Tonight's the night I give you my soul, come on hold me tight Sex me Sex me and set me free Yeah, yeah"
  • Generation Sex - The Divine Comedy
    "Generation sex respects the rights of girls Who want to take their clothes off As long as we can all watch that's o.k. And generation sex elects the type of guys You wouldn't leave your kids with And shoutsoff"
  • Sex Toy - Seraphim Shock
    "Out past the garden gates Where Halloween still reigns The moon as blood foretold For the star for the goat My naughty fuckin machine A fallen angels dream My catholic school girl treat For the dead Nazarene Sex"
  • Sex Appeal - Do Or Die
    "Ooohhhhhhooo sex appeal she got a walk to sassy approaching wit a dog that look like lassy tha lipstick and philly product got her lookin all classy wit a tendecy to follow those while just lookin"
  • Sex Machine - James Brown
    "Sex Machine Shout:Fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing I wanta get into it, man, you know.... Like a, like a sex machine, man, Movin'... doin' it, you know Can I count it off? (Go ahead) Spoken:"
  • Sex Drive - Dead Or Alive
    "oh the suns going down the nights coming in i got a brain for business and a body for sin so shoot like a rocket cuz my engine is hot if you want whats forbidden baby thats what i got sex drive(x6) sex"
  • Super Sex - morphine
    "Taxi taxi hotel hotel I got the whiskey baby I got the whiskey I got the cigarettes Automatic taxi stop Electric cigarette love baby Hotel rock'n'roll the discoteque Electric super sex Automatic taxi stop Electric"

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