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adrenalin lpopez

  • As Guilty As You - Pretty Maids
    "I see you hangin with another guy See you livin out another lie Then youre fadin vagely from my side Into the night ooh ooh yeah My adrenalin is burnin like wild fire Knowin that we share the same desire"
  • Such A Rush - Pretty Maids
    "You are a burnin heart A diamond among the pearls In an ice cold world And your appearance make me Feel like Im in ecstasy You put a spell on me When youre here I feel the heat Whenever youre near I feel"
  • The Babylonauts - Serra Eric
    "It's crazy what we can do with satellite technology We can now home order a lobotomy from another country Last but not least we have the key to this old mystery If extra-terrestrials are green, it's..."
  • Mann von Welt - Megaherz
    "Du bist das Alphatier Du gehst durch jede Tr Es gibt nichts, das dich hlt Du machst aus allem Geld Du kommst in unsere Stadt Machst alle Lden platt Du hast das meiste Geld Und du weit, das gefllt Du hltst"
  • 74 Willow - Ednaswap
    "74 willows wept the day i plotted my escape the road looking diseased under a blanket of leaves back now full circle so it seems with unused memories of secrets not worth keeping and willows weeping i"
  • I Love You - Fun Factory
    "I love you You know that I'll do What can I do to find the truth. You know I love you Forever and ever, We'll be together And I'll do it all Just for you From the first time I saw you, u had my"
  • Desolate - Vale Of Tears
    "Awoke in a chamber of silence I found myself, Sombre shades painted terror on the wall of the recess, Insane pattern appeared before my tired eyes, It wont leave me alone, I soon realized. My terror-painted"
  • Psychopath - VIRUS SYNDICATE
    "Adrenalin filling my right leg blood rush through my body and feeling just like head lust it can turn to disgust in just a second when you buss wanna crush with a caliber weapon im in love with that mother"
  • Private Show - Little Mix
    "( Jesy ) You got my adrenalin Pumping when you stand so close I can't help imagining all the things we'd do With no clothes on ( Leigh-Anne ) We're touching , we're teasing We don't need a reason And"
  • Highway to Oblivion - Dragonforce
    "When the lights have turned to grey On the dawning final day See the sun now fade away Can we find the words to say All the times we fought in vain Though the years and seasons change But we all still"

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