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  • Let's Go To Bed - No Angels
    "I get in it when I'm high strung I lay back and dream of the carribean sun The only place that we all love Spend half our lives laying in it snug snug To sleep and eat Repeat retreat Sex fast and deep Recline"
  • Rocks In My Bed - Ella Fitzgerald
    "My heart is heavy as lead Because the blues has done spread Rocks in my bed Of all the people I see Why do they pick on poor me and put rocks in my bed All night long I weep So how can I sleep with rocks"
  • Lyin' Awake In Bed - Angels
    "(Eccles-Spencer-Brewster) Lyin' awake in bed, battle bullets in my head ragged edge of sleep, come to me Lyin' awake in bed, cool silence break the edge I just can't take this heat, come to me I looked"
  • Five in a bed - Tweenies
    "There were five in a bed and the little one said Roll over, roll over So they all rolled over And one fell out There were four in the bed and the little one said Roll over, roll over So they all rolled"
  • A Bed Of Roses - Queen Adreena
    "Cold sweat, cold sweat Cold.. Go away, go away, go I'm sweating baby In my bed of roses Sweating baby In my bed of roses Love, I don't want it (?) Answer the fucking phone Cold sweat, cold sweat Go away,"
  • Come Back To Bed - John Mayer
    "Still is the life Of your room When you're not inside And all of your things Tell the sweetest story line Your tears on these sheets And your footsteps are down the hall Tell me what I did I can't find"
  • In Bed All Day - Tilly And The Wall
    "The light from the street Fills my room it's amazing to be alive to see The words that you said Still resonate and blur up all the lines inside my head I can't make this house a home I don't want to make"
  • All In My Bed - Angel City
    "I wonder how You act so fly When you try, so hard to try, to try, to try, to try I see your fly, is open wide Take a look inside Its wild like a giant sweet Come on It's all in my bed, It's all in my bed Us"
  • Messing Up The Bed - UFO
    "(Mogg/Moore) Don't bust up my heart, my home, now Don't make me ill Don't stay around now, No, don't you linger, don't waste my time Don't block my light, Don't stay here another night. You're a waste"
  • In bed by ten - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Love peace and understanding makesNo difference in the endWhat you need to surviveMother nature will provideAs long as you're In bed by tenEverybody has that feelingOne that drives you round the bendI"

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