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laskowik pioseka 60-latka'

  • What's My Name? My Name Is... What!? What!? - The Anniversary
    "I like to crash and burn my tiny body breaks " I hardly say a word Teenage girls are so distractive (distractive) - it makes them so attractive Change the temperature to 60 - tonight girl you better make"
  • Spare Minute - Bob Guiney
    "Bogus reasons for leaving me hangin' by a thread Ya turn me down it turns me on, It really messed with my head Recurring dreams bout the real popular people in school I'm biting dust in the presence of"
  • I'm White - Princess Superstar
    "(Kirschner) by Princess Superstar O95 ps I love you, BMI I'm white and I'm from Pennsylvania I don't have no gold and I don't have a pager Where I'm from there wasn't no scene I got my information from"
  • The Key's In The Mailbox - Connie Smith
    "THE KEY'S IN THE MAILBOX (Harlan Howard) '60 Fort Knox Music Oh jealous me and careless you the odds were just too great I couldn't take those lonely nights you made me sit and wait I thought I'd seen"
  • First Encounters - Farewell Flight
    "Tiny ions bounce off one another, making fluorescent light Mind the gap as we step on the elevator, where your skin is milky-white I am your night off I am your drive home I am the cool between your"
  • Cock And Love - Cliteater
    "Sweet tribute, to the 60's Free love, free porn was all around F**kin' hippie shit used as an excuse For sexual indulgences Huge Woodstock porn fest Screwing in the sun The answer my friend is giving"
  • Must B Tha Music - Hell Razah
    "(Intro: Killah Priest) Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, uh-uh, uh, S.O.M., baby It's that time, for the shorties Yeah, yeah, power to the music Word up, 2000, one time (Killah Priest) Shorty wanna be a thug,"
  • I'm alive - Pearl Jam
    "So there I was walkin' down the streetKinda surprised to be there 'cause...I don't know there's a lot a bad shit goin' on in the worldRape and murder racism and starvationAnd I'm feelin' like I'm doin'"
  • Fool On The Scene - Nightmare
    "60's are over and 70's so farNo one has dared to take the place of the dead starsBusiness and players shall become less and less darkThey knew their job and gonna come to love their wifesBut it can slowly"
  • Leave The Lights On - 50 Cent
    "Say man you don't need much to come to the free show COME TO FREE SHOW Fuck that leave the lights on girl 60-69, leave the lights on can't see shit, leave the lights on girl I can't see the shit, leave"

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