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mig miód malina disco polo

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mig miód malina disco polo
  • Nicoletta Disco Queen
    "Avec, sous l'ombre d'un paradis,Le sourire d'un ange qui n'a pas tout ditDu rve trange dont elle est sortie,Ce soir, elle danse pour toute la vie.C'est un bonheur dont elle s'tourdit,Qui l'emmne ailleurs"
  • The Saturdays Disco Love
    "What you say, mr loveable, hey, mr love-lovelable What you say, mr got it all, hey, mr got it got it all We got the disco love, so fun and colorful It's never winter when stunning summer all you know You"
  • Sesame Street Disco Frog
    "In the evening when the sun goes down Folks all hurry to the edge of town At the bayou bank they stand and wait In the clear air Soon the water ripples catch their eye And the ladies hush and breathe"
  • Jackson Browne Disco Apocalypse
    "Down the side streets and the avenue There be sisters walkin' two by two Their dresses and their shoes are new But their hearts are weary thru and thru And it's a long way into the light of the day While"
  • 50 Cent Disco Inferno
    "Lil' mama show me how you move it, Go ahead put ya back into it, Do ya thang like there aint nothin to it, Shake... shake... shake that ass girl. Go, Go, Go, 50 in the house - bounce, y'all already"
  • New Order Mr. Disco
    "How can I ever forget you You don't know just what I've been through The holiday we spent together Lives with me now and forever I tried but I can't find you Tell me now what do I do I tried but I can't"
  • Flaminio Maphia Disco Party
    "Come le stars Dimentica i problemi e sbilanciati un p Apriti al Duke e goditi il flow Fai sex in the party Dont stop move your body Quel che fatto stato fatto non esiste replay E bastato un solo sguardo"
  • Public Image Ltd. Death Disco
    "Seeing in your eyes Words can never say the way Told me in your eyes Final in a fade Never no more hope away Final in a fade Seeing in your eyes Seeing in your eyes Never really know Never realize Silence"
  • The Robocop Kraus Nihil Disco
    "Your belief has set us back for decades and centuries And by saying that I assume that there is progress but there ain't Did he tell you not to call her Was it this book that made you throw her out of"
  • Calvin Harris Disco Heat
    "Inside me, Inside me is a flame, That burns brighter any time you came. Gets in the way, when I'm alone with you, But dissappears if I'm with someone new, It learned how to fit into my foreplay, With"

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