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Faith Hill There Youll Be

  • Be There - Low
    "I don't wanna be there when you're wrong. I don't wanna be there when you find out. I don't wanna be there when you break glass. and I don't wanna be there when they drag you out. you can't speak backwards you"
  • Be There - Lloyd Cole
    "sign your name without apology, sign on, sign on keep your eye on the economy, sign on, shine on and everybody knows that this is nowhere everybody knows that this is nowhere, nowhere but you`ve got"
  • Be there - East 17
    "No trouble no care heavens gonna be there (be there) no trouble no care (be there) heavens gonna be there (x2) reaching out into the night calling out but no reply oh where do we go from here when heaven"
  • Be There - Space
    "I know you say I'm a crazy mixed-up lunatic. But that's okay 'cos I love you in a crazy way. The chances are I'm not the boy you fantasized about But give me a chance, You never know I might brainwash"
  • Be There - Bleed The Dream
    "Hello, My name is, dead to you, Would you like to spend some time and get to know me? I've been waiting, I've been waiting, I've been waiting here for you. So will you be there when you call my"
  • Faith Of The Heart - Russell Watson
    "It's been a long road Getting from there to here It's been a long time But my time is finally near And I can feel the change in the wind right now Nothings in my way And they're not gonna hold me down"
  • Be There - Rock Kills Kid
    "Whatever you want i'll be there whatever i have i will share whenever you cry yourself to sleep i'll dry your eyes whenever i try to hold on to something too tight it gets away from me and my side i"
  • Be There - Too Bad Eugene
    "he saw her once he saw her twice he thought that maybe this was by her own device she came again and she came on was this for real? because it'd been so long and far between he could not believe she knew"
  • Be There - Krewella
    "In the dead of the night When your body’s sleepless It’s raining feelings now Just wanna get it right Searching for meaning in this cold angle town I’ll be the warmth in your empty hotel I’ll make it"
  • Be There - Howie Day
    "When the morning came I was up before first light, And Your bed was made you must have cut out sometime lastnight, My heart beat started pounding out riddle in my brain, Voice from deep inside said got"

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