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Techno metalu czarnego rocka

  • Rock It - Master P
    "(feat. 5th Ward Weebie, Krazy) No Limit I'mma make y'all have it for a minute But we want it back for the next 5 years Hit the dancefloor, whodi! The new No Limit baby Respect it or check it Master"
  • Dr. Rock - Ween
    "try modulating and articulating all the feelings that i have for u dr.rock help me out for i need to shout it dr.rock quickly Derek run & get your mammy there is no denying that u been supplying in a slathering"
  • Rock Steady - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan Miscellaneous Rock Steady You need a man that'll treat you like the woman you are Those little boys are just fooling around with your heart Whatcha gonna do now that you're all alone? You"
  • Rock Steady - Sting
    "Saw an ad in the newspaper that caught my eye I said to my baby this sounds like a ticket for you and I It said volunteers wanted for a very special trip To commune with Mother Nature on a big wooden ship We"
  • Cocody Rock - Alpha Blondy
    "Rockin' rocker, rockin' rocker from Zion I.C. We're ready, ready, ready, ready to rock We are the rockers from Zion Ivory Coast We're ready, ready, ready, ready to rock, we're sayin' Coco, Coco, is Cocody"
  • Acapulco rock - Tatiana
    "El Acapulco rock el Acapulco rock todos estan bailando el Acapulco rock U-i,u-i,u-i el acapulco ya esta aqui Aqui bailan la plaga el rock de la prision pero el Acapulco es purito corazon U-i,u-i,u-i el"
  • Rock & Roll - Revolver
    "Siento que la tierra tiembla bajo mis pies cuando empieza a anochecer. La hora del hechizo acercndose est y la calle va a estallar. Rectas que terminan en la puerta de un bar, donde espera el anfitrión; bautiza"
  • Rock Love - Steve Miller Band
    "(Steve Miller) Do do do do doot Do do do do doot Do do do do doot You got to have rock love To weather the storm It's got to be rock love To help you carry on When the winds of temptation move your soul Stay"
  • Jailhouse Rock - ZZ Top
    "Goin' to a party in the county jail, Prison band was there and they began to wail. Kid is shakin' and began to sing; You should've heard them knocked out jailbirds sing. Let's rock! Everybody, let's rock! Everybody"
  • Rock It - Ofenbach
    "you’re my nicotine I am your dirty team you my girl you’re my reason to live you’re my ecstasy I am your melody you’re the one I like my reason to believe Rock It yeah in the groove Rock It just swipe"

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