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The creo Violetta

  • The Blood - The Cure
    "Tell me who doesn't love What can never come back You can never forget how it used to feel The illusion is deep It's as deep as the night I can tell by your tears you remember it all I am paralysed by"
  • The Joke - The Fall
    "Go back go back to your diseased-(WHUP!)-control room Don't be don't be nice about it just spit it back Why don't, ward off why don't you be mature about it in your grey raincoat Off ward, ward off The"
  • The One - The Like
    "I'm not shouting I'm just talking You're not listening You're just looking Take one in to Get another In one ear and Out the other I'll stop here I'll stay there I'll never be The one you love"
  • The Ideal - The Explosion
    "there are no good samaritans there are no proud americans this isn't my idea of success i'm not impressed with the the bored expressions of the ones who learned their lessons i know what to expect there"
  • The Island - The Decemberists
    "'''1. Come and See''' There's an island hidden in the sound Lapping currents lay your boat aground Affix your barb and bayonet The curlews carve their arabesques And sorrow fills the silence all around Come"
  • The Fall - The Send
    "You're everywhere I see From molecules to trees And when you're far from me The earth falls to its knees Everything falls apart When you're not here Everything falls apart I need to say "I need you" You're"
  • The Weight - The Band
    "Go out yonder, peace in the valley Come downtown, have to rumble in the alley Oh, you don't know the shape I'm in Has anybody seen my lady This living alone will drive me crazy Oh, you don't know the"
  • The Road - The Kinks
    "Sitting alone on my hotel Looking in the mirror wondering, "well, After all this time you never thought you'd still be out on the road?" Like a gypsy I was born to roam Like a wanderer with no fixed"
  • The Spike - The Music
    "I feel pain in every part of me Now poor girl come and settle on my knee I crave the love that the people talk about But in love do ya feel Feel a spike, feel alive Yeah my body can't get enough Feel"
  • The Whistle - The RZA
    "(feat. Masta Killa, Prodigal Sunn) (Intro: RZA) (whistling) (beat kicks in) Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Digital (RZA) Yo, I beat the case, now I face the acquittal You nizzles try to belittle, but ya'll lest"

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