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adrenalin lpopez

  • You Used To Love To Dance - Melissa Etheridge
    "Lying in a city night A million fingers tingling my skin Out thee in the sea tonight I thought I saw you clutching your sin You rolled me over long ago And told me you were strong enough to go You needed"
  • Out Of The Blue (Into The Fire) - The The
    "I'm a man without a soul...Honey, yeah I lost it while parading it, in a town full of thieves Y'see I didn't wanna be with any people I know. But god knows, I didn't wanna be alone I thought if I acted"
  • Sanna (Nyrsafton Re 1983) - Ulf Lundell
    "Sanna, raketerna far ver sjn i natt Skogen exploderar och bergen str tysta som alltid dom vet hur man hller sej fr skratt Men nere p dansgolvet finns ingen hejd allt mste gras nu innan ret r slut Och bandet"
  • Goodbye - Sasha
    "We are the same kind in many ways We share the same disease We are lunatics and mad about adrenalin And there is no way of stopping us We stick to our addiction But finally the winner's only one of us There's"
  • The Crime Of The Century - Rudimentary Peni
    "Yuppiecide disposing of the bodies difficulty -the evidence impossible ripe for a coffin The dolled up figurine Impossible to hide the secret from the world dirty blood Death's blood on head nationless"
  • Freedom - Sadus
    "So you think That we're all crazy Can't you see That I'm already there What you need Can't do without it Can't you see That I don't even care I'm on the edge Pound it out Twice as loud I crave the sound"
  • Droppin' Hammers - Manafest
    "I got one chick, no kids no drama I soak in, music sing soap operas I got four wheels one board globe trotter I got money got God I still got problems It don't matter though I'm zoned in my own flow So"
  • Lieber Verbrennen Als Erfrieren - Fettes Brot
    "Wir sind jung, wir sind frei, das ist unsere Stadt. Wir haben nichts zu verlieren. Es ist soweit, ich bin dabei, denn das ist unsere Nacht. Lieber verbrennen als erfrieren. Wir sind jung, wir sind frei,"
  • Memory Is Parallax - Buck 65
    "suger in the gastank and sand in the vasoline, buck 65 and foreign currencies just in case and for emergencies, i keep double copies, single pairs of plastic explosive if i need them for signal flairs."
  • Danger (With Mystikal) - Nivea
    "MYSTIKAL: You know what time it is nigga, and you know who the fuck this is. DANGER! DANGER! Get on the floor! The nigga right chea! Sing it! Chorus by NIVEA: Been so long (sing it!) heat's been on So"

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