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always be back

  • You Always Believed - In This Moment
    "I think back on the years we shared All the times you stood be me All the pain you wiped away All the things you ever said I think back how you carried me And you never once have doubted me And you were"
  • Always Never Now - Tim Finn
    "Once he thought it was forever but it's always never now It was the best decision that he ever made Now he's living with the consequences he was still a bit green like a sheep in a ballroom She had the"
  • I Always Knew - Jem
    "I always knew I would one day be here But I couldn't be a puppet on a string I've had my fights, often I've been KO'd But I've got back up, no I won't give in And now I know how it works If you're too"
  • Always Is Next - Peter Hammill
    "Ill met, ill starred, the sweat, the scars, the back seat of the car, caught up in the sex, the ties that bind, his thoughts, her mind, why something doesn't connect... the rush, the drool, his push, her"
  • Always inta somethin - Mac Dre
    "[ VERSE 1: Mac Dre ] Back in December, or was it November? It's kind of shady, I can vaguely remember I was at the Peppermill, popping at the bartender He made me a drink called uh, Bodybender That's when"
  • They Always Come Back - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "he's jumped on the one way track and there ain't no coming back should have thought before you leapt now you're on a crusade to avoid your death the second time through you've gotta go feet first just"
  • Back To Back - Banks Tony
    "Banks Tony Still Back To Back He's not the only one To think that things are going wrong and all around is only second best. Time was when all was fair and we built solid castles in the air He said that"
  • Back 2 back - Guru
    "feat. Mendoughza{*scratching*} "Collaborate with live niggaz" "Ill Kid ready to wreck like.." "Back to.. back.. back to.. back" Y'all cats don't want war with us That's why y'all won't be on tour with"
  • Back 2 back - The Beatnuts
    "[ Psycho Les ] Groovy Haha Dude Put your drinks up Put your drinks up Put your drinks up Put your drinks up Let the beat go Come on Put your l's up Come on Yeah Say what Big Psych, nigga What's your name?"
  • You Will Always Be A Part Of Me - E-Type
    "My mind keeps drifting back to things we said this morning Now I'm sitting here alone, watching the world pass me by Every time we part I fell like I'm falling No matter what you think I still love you You"

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