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blank space taylort sfiw

  • Absolute Space - Koop
    "Peacefully I close my eyes To get a better view No need for words now No need for words While I never come closer Whispering Whispering softly I try to get close There's a place Behind this view While"
  • Outer Space - Dead Flowers
    "She's lonely in other oceans many miles between us lie she beams in her emotions love letters from the sky she talks to me from outer space a million miles from this place her digitals reply hey lover"
  • Big Space - Suzanne Vega
    "He said you stand in your own shoes I said I'd rather stand in someone else's He said you look from your direction I said I like to keep perspective Close to the middle of the network It seems we're looking"
  • Free Space - Jeff Kanterman
    "I wait around as the clock passes time, 'Cause the days can't come soon enough. Six long weeks, I can't take much more. If I close my eyes, I can't see you. (Chorus) Look around the room. Tell me what"
  • Basic Space - The XX
    "Neck, chest, waist to floor Easy to take, you could take me in fours Make me a deal, a day a piece Take it all, just stay a week I'll take you in pieces We can take it all apart I've suffered shipwrecks"
  • Space eater - Gamma Ray
    "You know who I am, I show you a landWhere you can be free, can get your relief.Space is all yours, desires come true,Love of your life waitin' for youI got no time for wasting all my day,Come on and follow,"
  • The Space... - Marillion
    "On top of the world like a flag on a mountain Feeling so high you can feel so alone Unable to breathe at the height that you flew Staring on clouds with no view of below On top of a girl like a dream"
  • Space Monkey - Anya Marina
    "I've been on the ground, feet slowly draggin' I've been on a bender for weeks but it feels like I'm on the wagon You're out of range, high in the atmosphere Cell phone's all but blown and it sounds like"
  • Space Case - Bobaflex
    "When I was young, I was labeled a space case So I'd crawl inside my head and I'd find me a safe place You don't know how it feels, if ya'll need me, I'll be out in left field (Verse 1) When I was"
  • Space Halo - Olivia Lufkin
    "You tell me you love me I watch you look out the window Into the luminous blue sky With eyes of loneliness As if you had to go What will it take to win your smile? Does it help for you to know That nothing"

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