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falling for you

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falling for you
  • Say Anything About Falling
    "The tide rolls by and I wonder why I felt inclined to try, My starry eyes were sacrificed The sea divides but I don't wanna get lost in the ocean I don't wanna get lost in the ocean now And as our single"
  • Masterplan Falling sparrow
    "I see a new beginningAs I'm moving towards my graveI'll be rising from this life into silent darknessIt's just a glimpse of our timeI must act while I'm clear in my mindSoon I'll be the ghost that lived"
  • Thaurorod Empire Falling
    "Why is it you can't find one single word to say Why is it you must go like a river in its veins And all the tears I've cried and all the tears I've dried It seems to me one day it's all reality They warned"
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees Falling Down
    "I would see you falling down Still I would have been around Hated to hear the sound As you fell and punched the ground Such as miserable suicide Performed before my eyes Staggering about the town Unaware"
  • God Dethroned Falling down
    "(You've got)No comprehension for my train of thought.Realising no-one cares a damn about me.Disqualified by the tyrants I see.What if -I'd love to- make you scream.Symptoms of hate.My decision's made.No"
  • Calvin Richardson Falling Out
    "SPOKEN: Everything changes You know Even the seasons If things are going wrong We need to sit down and talk Cause if we don't face this soon SUNG: (Chorus) See the sun is going down (you're gonna live"
  • Israel Vibration Falling angel
    "What you don't like for yourself, / don't give it. You with your ego, glutness a greecly, won't achieve it. Telling Jah people that you cam When you are just in for the sham Me say whoa, them blasphemers."
  • Lucky 7 Falling Asleep
    "Stressed out hurting like a monday blacked out all the words I couldn't say too much is never enough for you situation might sort out easily but frustration gets the best of me Deal the hand there's nothing"
  • Velvet Acid Christ Falling Snow
    "my life, is breaking down, i see your eyes, falling time, wait for the end, wait for the end, and never ever go away. oh a million, 2 million secrets lost now, what i said? never waste?, once more snowing,"
  • Iris DeMent Falling down
    "Do you know where you wanna go?I ain't got time for you nowfor you nowDo you think that I'll ever be?Cause all I've ever wanted is so far goneAnd if I had my chance I'd go along.ChorusYour making me fall"

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