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  • Story At Three - A.F.I.
    "A.f.i. Art Of Drowning Story At Three Again and again they blend into one, My father the morning pushes through moonlight love. So what's sleep? sleep. I'm tired, so tired, but it seems that there's someone"
  • Tall Story Teller - Arabesque
    "He's always telling stories That's how he got his name - big Ballyhoo. It's very very boring It's ev'ry day the same - big Ballyhoo. Whatever he is saying He is telling a lie But he tells you why it's"
  • Same Ol' Story - Rhett Akins
    "(Byron Hill/Rhett Akins) (Track 9 - Time 2:44) You let him by with another line again And oh each time he swears this hurtin' you Is comin' to an end But Lord knows He'll never close the book on doin'"
  • Same Old Story - Tina Charles
    "Well you know your looking fine is like you Always do, but lately I have seen thats been A change with you, the smile is not the same There is a sadness in your eyes is tough you Cried to every little"
  • Story To Tell - Ja Rule
    "Aiyyo yo yo yo All y'all niggaz C'mon! Yo gather round Lay it up I got a story to tell All y'all niggaz gather round Hear this, hear this Listen up I got a story to tell Huh, listen up I got a story to"
  • Same Old Story - Sugababes
    "You had love for me You said that you'd give me everything What's happening? How could you lie how could you be so trifflin' What's going on? Coz I thought that you where the only one Don't even waste"
  • The Story Remains - Fairyland
    "Deep in our hearts By this time, we've crossed so many lands So many friends we've lost So many bitter ends By these days of anger, traitors and disguise Gods have always been here by our side Once again,"
  • Sad Sad Story - Neil Sedaka
    "Look at the lady she's the one with the broken heart Even so she musn't know that I've loved her from the start She needs a friend now more than a new romance I'd love to take her in my arms but I can't"
  • Another Bedtime Story - Amie Comeaux
    "His eyes could melt her soul He's makin' all his moves just right His smile has her longin' for His touch tonight Does he want someone to love Is this a game she's played before She's heard her share"
  • Sad Sad Story - Mark Medlock
    "Love has many colors, And the passion rules the game You and me together Will never be the same All I ever wanted Is to fly on wings of love Just you and me together Enough is not enough All the night"

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