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mig miód malina disco polo

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mig miód malina disco polo
  • The Damned Disco Man
    "Take my hand, discoman Are you just a one night stand? Have some fun, jump the gun But what's left when it's all done But who are you taking for a ride, discoman Better to run or else to hide discoman,"
  • Moby Disco Lies
    "You said you want me that was just a lie (just a lie) Just a lie (just a lie) You said you love me that was just a lie (just a lie) Just a lie (just a lie) All I needed was someone who would keep me warm"
  • Athlete Airport Disco
    "Just a blur of red and yellow Lovers dancing to the beat I saw you at the center of it all The most beautiful thing Oh I wanna take you home with me tonight I wanna take you home with me tonight It's on"
  • Faith No More Faster Disco
    "Styling, you know you are styling So turn to the mirror and blow yourself a kiss It goes just like this You've done it a thousand times It's as easy as drinking wine, only now it's blood Here it comes"
  • Faith No More Arabian Disco
    "Has it been so long? Do you think we know? Do you think we care? Die...for the here and now Do you remember why? Do you remember how? Face....out Stick your chest....out Stomach....in That's right Do"
  • Iam Disco club
    "Eh bien bonsoir tous et toutes Bienvenue ce soir au New Star Flash Night Laser Light Action Club En compagnie de votre DJ prfr OK, alors un maximum d'ambiance garantie Pour cette super soire fun tropicale"
  • 2 Play Disco hippie
    "Breakout, two thousand zero zeroA purple pokemons knocken' on my doorSo free now, i'm flippin' trippin' cartwheels in the breeze nowLike never before My life is so wild like a child in a candy storeIt's"
  • Terrorgruppe Disco '96
    "Hilf der Polizei, (Und schlag dich selbst) Hab nie demonstriert, Hat mich nicht interessiert Nur ne Demo fotografiert Ein Bulle war nicht so erbaut von Fotos, Wie er wen verhaut Und er drosch auf mich"
  • Spunge Disco Kid
    "Well, don't follow me 'cos I ain't no saviour Got bad habits, don't look good on paper People say I'm crazy and I might well be But I'm doing fine so it must quite suit me No I know what it is that you're"
  • Klimt 1918 Disco Awayness
    "This is you on your first day of school when you were too young to understand how this country rapes and offends us all. This is you when you were small and pure when you were a dreamer. yes, for sure! Still"

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