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oh Carol neil sedaka

  • Young oh! oh! - Glay
    "koi ni kizutsuitari YAKEDO shitari kyuu ni nakuda shitari gekido shitari migateda ne migateda ne sou ne yo no naka nani ka kichigateru demo kotoba wa itsuka wa kaze ni naru fujorida ne fujorida ne WOW kyoumi"
  • When Last I Spoke To Carol - Morrissey
    "When last I spoke to Carol I said: "I can't pretend it gets easier." she said: "I've hung on, I have edged around this narrow ledge since the day I was born in 1975." When last I spoke to Carol I said: "I"
  • Oh Me, Oh My - Garnett Silk
    "Baby, dont worry Dont worry, oh, no, no, no Oh me, oh my Pretty, baby, dont be shy Oh me, oh my Im gonna tell you why Oh me, oh my Pretty, baby, dont be shy Oh me, oh my Im gonna tell you why Youre"
  • Oh yeah oh yeah - Donots
    "I wanna take you for a ride I Need my best friend by my side Anywhere feels quite alright To sing our songs into the night Sometimes I need to break free There's a voice inside of me Sometimes I need to"
  • Oh Me, Oh My - Imogen Heap
    "quiet now in sleepy dreams to me it seems the only time to be, just me bombarded by the phone, in my own home can't get the space that I need, and how I need it oh me, oh my oh me, me, me, me, oh my oh"
  • Oh Me Oh My - Aretha Franklin
    "To make you laugh, I would be a fool for you Although the people turn and stare I really don?t care I would give my everything to keep you, boy It breaks my heart when you?ve not there I?ll stage a ballet"
  • Oh Me, Oh My - Tina Arena
    "To make you laugh I would be A fool for you Although the people Turn and stare I really don't care I would give My everything To keep you, boy It breaks my heart When you've Not there I'll"
  • Oh boy oh boy - Dean Martin
    "To be loved is a thrilling sensation as thrilling as can be Though it happens in every nation they greet if differently Every mademoiselle with pasoolala, every Englishman talks to his pater Every spittin'"
  • Oh Sorrow, Oh Shame - Odds
    "Drinking like a teenager Using up the cleenex Staring at the CD rack Asking myself which fuzzbox band would sound the best I try on your lipstick I try on your clothes I wanna be you for a little while And"
  • Oh Woman, Oh Why - Paul McCartney
    "Oh woman, oh why, why, why, why What have I done Oh woman, oh where, where, where, where, where Did you get that gun Oh what have I done What have I done Well I met her at the bottom of a well (of a well) Well"

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