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  • I Will Talk, Hollywood Will Listen - Robbie Williams
    "(feat. Guy Chambers) I wouldn't be so alone The they knew my name in every home Kevin Spacey would call on the phone But I'd be too busy Come back to the old five and dime Cameron Diaz give me a sign I'd"
  • Delta Force II - Ultramagnetic Mcs
    "It ain't nuthin Gee, it's just a small thing (4X) Hey, I got a flow that is wicked, so sit back while I kick it The incredible edible, change my pitch while I rip it We can make it just happen, while"
  • Old War Chant - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Down in a the ghetto is like old Vietnam Gun shot a bust with grenade and bomb First fi survive a fi iron lion Learn fi trod through great tribulation Learn to survive off the plantation Plant up potatoes"
  • I Wanna Get In Your Pants - The Cramps
    "May I have this dance? Can I get in your pants? May I squeeze on them shoes? Sing you maybe some blues? I wanna wear your rain coat. Dance around the house. Your leopard skin and chain tote. Has got me"
  • Misty Mountains - Mando Diao
    "La la la aaaa In a house on an island There's a tale that must be told Of our mysterious Misty Mountains Behind all the songs I wrote Lives an old man in his shadow And they're whistling day and night For"
  • Papersnow - XTC
    "Pink confetti, shotgun wedding Rocket secrets someone's shredding Nineteenth floor. Laundry ticket that exploded Joust with quaker pamphlet goaded Into war. Ankle deep we heroes amble Ankle deep we wade Ankle"
  • Albert Goes West - Nick Cave
    "Albert, he goes West He crosses the vast indifferent deserts Of Arizona He had a psychotic episode on a dude ranch That involved a bottle Of ammonia Henry, he went South and lost his way Deep in the weeping"
  • Seventeen - Chris LeDoux
    "When he was five years old his mom took him down to the round corral To watch his dad work the young horse they called Smokey man did that horse buck But his old dad just sat up there and rode him like"
  • Ballad Of Will Rogers - Chris LeDoux
    "He was born and raised in Oklahoma his blood lines were white and Cherokee His daddy owned a ranch outside of Clairmore Where he learned to ride before the age of three Now young Will Rogers was a cowboy And"
  • Bettmensch - Olli Schulz Und Der Hund Marie
    "Ich bin ein kleiner Superheld Den keiner braucht auf dieser Welt Ich trage keinen Umhang Doch das ist nicht das Drama Mde, trge, immer schlaff Das ist meine Superkraft Und ich trage einen Pyjama"

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