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  • Bruising Skin & Breaking Hearts - Random Thoughts
    "Its not right its so wrong how could you let yourself fall so low Thats the worst thing I've heard in awhile but I'm not the one thats hurt There's nothing that can mend the damage thats been done to"
  • Random Memories - Random Thoughts
    "Hey clem I'm thinking of the things that we've done thus far Like that time that we spent at the Moonstruck chocolate bar The coffee shop where I spilled chantico on my shoes And countless hours I spent"
  • The One That Got Away - Random Thoughts
    "I finally realized today that your the reason I hesitated To live life without regrets I placed you on a pedestal beneath which all comers seemed dull Cause I still remember every detail of the day"
  • This Will Pass In Time - Random Thoughts
    "As the rain falls down and the storm is getting worse Its hard to picture how there's clear sky above the clouds But as the fog presses in close and I can't see past my hands I'll try to keep in mind"
  • Sirens Singing - Fear My Thoughts
    "One fine day I won't have One fine day I won't give One fine day I will just be And then i'm breaking free I'll leave it all behind I want to follow that way But sirens sing They call my name To keep"
  • Hollow Inside - Fear My Thoughts
    "So burned out and so hollow Emptiness is all that I feel So easy to point out the others' mistakes And so dishonest with myself Doubts are all that is left in me They're growing steadily Everything is"
  • Reign - Fear My Thoughts
    "Once they gathered, fought and found What they believed to become the eternal reign Convinced of their superiority they lived an illusion Blinded by the victories / poisoned through the comfort The ghosts"
  • Windows For The Dead - Fear My Thoughts
    "Thank you so much for being there for me For showing me the things I ever need Without you I wouldn't know whom I'd be You form my faith my visions and my greed The human touch - no precious thing for"
  • In The Hourglass - Fear My Thoughts
    "When darkness falls and another world calls I stand alone here in my cell This new life tastes so bittersweet An ironic twist in my private hell (Counting) Counting the sands of time (time) (Counting)"
  • My Delight - Fear My Thoughts
    "By now it's been a long time Awaiting to separate you from your kind Not knowing why I made you mine All your fate is now in my hand No! I won't miss out on you now Await your certain end I totally adore"

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