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Gromee one

  • One by one - INXS
    "And when your heart stops beating And the stars stop shining When all your tears go dry Honey one by one I will still be there I will sing your song And come to you All night long And is this all that"
  • One by one - Carola
    "I've been chasing for my daddy's autographYou've been haunting my place for the laughWe gotta solve them allOne by oneWe gotta solve them allthe problems one by oneOne by oneYou really hated me, hit me"
  • One By One - Satanic Surfers
    "If one voice, disembodied hidden in a surging crowd of thousands start screaming soon others will follow. We'll follow Though I cannot foresee a better tomorrow I will not give up trying. I will not give"
  • One And One - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame lead vocals RODDY FRAME and CAROLL THOMPSON. guitars RODDY FRAME. drums & keyboard programming ROB MOUNSEY. percussion CAROL STEELE. background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON"
  • One By One - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "Three In my family say "we've never been anywhere" "to the left sea can we go please we don't care we want to sit and stare at it" can we try to hold up our head feel the power of the land that we"
  • One on one - Judas Priest
    "I am your darkest hour I am your fall from power I am the voice you dread and I'm Screaming out inside your head I am the final count I am your demons out I am the worst demise I'm gonna cut your words"
  • One By One - Quick Step John
    "All at once the shadows come, theyre replacing what used to be. One by one, Im overruna forgotten place in history. You must have figured it out and wrote it all down for the world to see. Flipped the"
  • One On One - MC Lyte
    "Yeah! Uh! Uh yeah! Wooh! Smooth, better than I've ever seen him As I flip the Vibe Book He's on the front page Never Looking his age He's all that and I'm all in So let the games begin Now I'ma give ya"
  • One By One - Kymani Marley And Cherine Anderson
    "What am i to do today... So i can leave, This world tomorrow? Knowing i've done all that i could, To heal the wounds, and lift all the sorrows... Let righteousness Be your guiding light, And let love keep"
  • One By One - Sirenia
    "There's a river that runs along Your fading hope and darkened days to come The lights are fading out once more I see you falter so lost and blind I know a shadow still lingers in in your mind But I can't"

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