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  • Chisel Meets The Stone - 4HIM
    "There is a man inside of me Who wants to have his way And I cannot comply I relinquish this heart of mine Lord I am desperate for Your handiwork Im ready for the change And I cant wait to see What"
  • Charleston Des D - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Cest nous les dmnageurs de pianos Des Steinway, des Pleyel et des Gaveau Du tintement des pourboires conomiques Nous on connat la musique Pour ce qui est du reste a cest pas nos oignons Artistes, nous"
  • Paletero Man - Chingo Bling
    "No Tengo Bubble Gum Y No Chicko Stick My Bell Goes "Ding Ding Ding"Come Get Ur Paletas Qick You See The Hynas Stop Me Cause My Ice Cream B Muy Frio They Tell Me Dame Mas Papi Ay Dios Mio. This Aint No"
  • All Friends And Kingdom Come - Monster Magnet
    "Enter now the lions den It's long past due that we begin I have longed for you afar Love sacriface in my backyard I have seen beyond my gaze I have gazed beyond today And their lust shall build a world Is"
  • 25 Years - Pantera
    "I vent my frustration at you old man, after Years your ears will hear..You screamed that you Tried, but it's words of a weakling and promises made By a drunken liar (fucking liar). Now you pick up that"
  • History - Tenacious D
    "(spoken) This is a song called the history of Tenacious D And its not just a list of bullshit that we've done in the past It's a chronicling of our rise, to power! (sung) We ride with kings on mighty"
  • Flowing Glower (Days From Impact version) - Deadsy
    "Now you know Places where I've lived When I couldn't grow Downward you'll soon drift On the sailless boat Nothing left to give All I see is throat Flowing glower Witless knower Seedless sower"
  • Lines On My Face - Peter Frampton
    "Frampton (1973) Almo Music Corp, Nuages Artists Music, LTD. EMI U Catalog Inc. (ASCAP) Lines on my head from that one thing she said She spoke of strangers that don't sleep two a bed Kept on trying,"
  • Looking Out For No. 1 - Bruce Springsteen
    "They call him Mr. Outside Cause he don't care Mr. Outside He's just havin' his fun Mr. Outside He's just looking out for No. 1 Well Mr. Outside All your money and your power Won't help you come the dark"
  • Born Bad - Voltaire
    "They say the day That I was born It rained here And yet it was the best Day of your life. And who would ever dream A child sweet as I seem Would be the source of So much pain and strife Every time I"

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