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  • Almost (Sweet Music) - Hozier
    "i came in from the outside burned out from a joyride she likes to roll here in my ashes anyway played from the besides Stella by starlight there was my heart the drums that start off night and day the"
  • Be Somebody ft. Lil B & A$AP Rocky - Clams Casino
    "Cause you are beautiful (beautiful) Yes it's true Baby yes it's true Cause you are beautiful Ooh, beautiful Ah Wingman 'til I turn into the main man I've been ballin' so long, need an Ace band Calvin"
  • Versailles - Sabaton
    "The war had been raging and ravaging for four years Leaving millions of casualties from all sides In the trenches of the frontlines, people have asked the question What is the price of peace? How many"
  • Forecast - Raekwon
    "Turn me up (feel me like) let me get a feeling of who love me And who I love (that's what it's all about though) You understand? First you got to know how to move (the forecast calls for...) Then you"
  • I'm A Gangsta - Master P
    "(feat. Dino, Halleluyah, Pop, Ruga) Why you lean when you walk, look mean when you talk Keep that green in the vault -- we some gangsters nigga White tees on the block, 23's on the drop And you keep"
  • Ya Heard - The Game
    "You see that cherry red Phantom on them big ass wheels, You see I be playing with them cars, I'm like a big ass kid, Crazy with that cap gun, so if we play cops and robbers, I'll show you how to pop revolvers, Fitted"
  • God & Gunz - Kane & Abel
    "(feat. Mac) -Got my nigga Mr Kane aka Stephen King, black rain putting niggas in a bodysling -My nigga Mac the camouflage assassin putting niggas in the motherfucking uhn -You want some motherfucking"
  • Hollywood Meets Bollywood (Immigration) - Wyclef Jean
    "(feat. Chamillionaire) Good morning America I wanna welcome y'all to Egypt, the land of the pyramids, yeah We got the UK in the house, U.S., India Jerusalem, people in Israel, shalom~! In the"
  • Pimp Juice - Nelly
    "One pound for the hoe, that's all we need baby Just one for the hoes.. c'mon Pimp juice - oooooooooh-ooooooooh-hoooooooo I think I need to let it loose (might think I need to let it loose) Let her loose,"
  • It's Hard To Find Your Love - Lennie Moreno
    "It's hard to find a girl, I'm looking around the world, My heart is ready but not a lot of could, I'm touching a lot of wood, Got caught up in this game, I stay the same, But it's true it's all misunderstood, It's"

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