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  • Outa Space - Beenie Man
    "Machel montano and beenie man Intro: Beenie: Aye ah serious thing wha ah gwan now You see wha ah gwan Space ah gwan Cause the dance too ram You no see wha ah gwan Well this is beenie man Machel: And who Beenie: Xtatik Machel: Now"
  • Space Ho's - Danger Doom
    "(Space Ghost) I don't believe this! I get rid of those two evil maniacs who try to ruin my show And I get two evil GUESTS who are trying to ruin my show (Zorak) FEH! Just who came up with the stupid"
  • Outer Space - Until June
    "(Verse 1) After evening fell we both had left this place Me and her beneath the stars in outer space Listen softly as the rain touched our face Dripping water as the lights lit up this place (prechorus) And"
  • Vague Space - Stephen Malkmus
    "Do you want to know where it stands right now? Do you really care what, when, why or how? I came to crave your spastic touch The honest ways you move is too much Before we can change, we could levitate Erase"
  • Outer Space - Freezepop
    "alone in the moonlight heading for nowhere gone is the solar glare don't follow me here tonight run away, far away run away, fly away needing to find my place something just feels wrong knowing I dont"
  • Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai
    "Everything is good And brown On I'm here again With a sunshine smile upon my face My friends Are close at hand And all my inhibitions Have disappeared without a trace I'm glad I found Somebody who I can"
  • Space cowboy - Darkbuster
    "Some people call me the space cowboySome call me the gangster of loveSome people call me MauriceCause I speak with the pompous of lovePeople keep talking about me babySay I'm doing you wrong, doing you"
  • Try Space - Dual Core
    "My friend's got a friend who's about my age one day popped up on my myspace page No real reason, it was fate I guess sent me a message and a friend request She liked my style and she wanted to talk or"
  • Dark Space - Kool Keith
    "Talk digital, all galactic iMax, start space Demon of three dimension intro-respection Shake the one.. The rap flow since the Scoob paid dues to G.O. Capture the picture all out the end Watch the"
  • Office Space - Sweatshop Union
    "Picture perfect She gets to work And lifts her skirt To sit near a sick pervert That spits when he talks But the prick's her boss And that's why she doesn't get pissed off That he gawked when she passed"

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