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  • Nightmares Win 6-0 - A Static Lullaby
    "This nightmare ends. as the cocoon fills with oil. fossils become waste upon cemented wings. on the rocks father spills memories of mothers eyes. a kiss turns to brandy. a dagger learns to cut hair."
  • 6 Minutes Of Pleasure - LL Cool J
    "Six minutes, six minutes Six minutes, six minutes I know why you're here I ain't sayin nothin Aiyyo baby I know why you're here I know what you're doing I can see it in your eyes you're up to"
  • 2-4-6-8 - The Jacksons
    "2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate please say that boy is me 2,4,6,8,who do you appriciate i'm the one who wants to be your baby get up early to see you in the morning but you just past me by havin a quarter"
  • Live Forever 6/'00 - Counting Crows
    "(Original by Oasis) Sung as an intro to A Long December Maybe I don't really want to know how your garden grows 'cause I just want to fly Lately did you ever feel the pain in the morning rain as it"
  • Universal Garden (6:16) - Yes
    "Looking up into the endless sky Staring into the maze of time Our existence caught in the blink of an eye Imagining other worlds we try Realizing somehow we're all part of this Wondrous cosmical tapestry Beyond"
  • Plus 6, Date Rape - Sublime
    "Sublime 5446, Date Rape Lyrics Let me tell you about a girl I know, had a drink about a hour ago. Sitting in a corner by herself, in a bar in downtown Hell. She heard a noise and she looked through the"
  • No Name Number 6 - Elliott Smith
    "Got bitten fingernails And a head full of the past And everybody's gone at last Sweet Sweet smile And it's fading fast, Cause everybody's gone at last. Don't get upset about it No I'm not anymore There's"
  • Oasis Malade (Track 6) - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Tanith dropped by today. Like, I hadn't seen her in years, but there she was at my front door in her colonial helmet. Custom made Burmise fan poised in one hand ready to swipe at any passing disease"
  • From A Motel 6 - Yo La Tengo
    "you shouldn't hide but you always do cause even when you're gone, I can see right through you want disconnection you want me there enough for two pull a woollen blanket across my eyes dream a quiet place"
  • 6 Feet Under Ground - Rage
    "Just alone, they're gone away Six feet under ground This was only yesterday Six feet under ground I've had my time, I've had my place I've gone too far, stuck in disgrace What is it that I have"

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