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  • Sweetest Hell - Fear My Thoughts
    "The pain we stand to satisfy our ego The tortures we go through The lies we tell the smiles that we all fake To meet another you And every night we struggle and we fight To keep our ego satisfied And"
  • Dying Eyes - Fear My Thoughts
    "The black country the cradle of all life Swollen belly, skinny limbs, see their dying eyes! Who cares, who sees, who's interested? So close but yet too far away Second class people with no rights Starvation,"
  • Sadist Hours - Fear My Thoughts
    "I let you feel my might You shall do as I told I bring you under control My will shall be yours And in the end - you're going to see I do it for you - and not for me I love to see Love to see you crawl I"
  • The Masters Call - Fear My Thoughts
    "Day by day for the past few years Longer than you can recall You sold your body and your soul You gave away all your power that you had in you Instead of living your own life Obey the masters call! You"
  • Ghosts Of Time - Fear My Thoughts
    "Pump all the fluids inside your flesh - cut your skin Keep fighting the worst enemy of yours Pump all the fluids inside your flesh - cut your skin Enjoy your new born reflection Let us spit In their face Let"
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Fear My Thoughts
    "These grinding expectations Placed here I mustn't fail These grinding expectations Placed here I mustn't fail Don't you see the fear in my eyes? It's never been so real Can't you taste the tears that"
  • Tie Fighting - Fear My Thoughts
    "Another evening on death star one I have to face the rebel scum Instead of having a drink or two I'm send out with my crew I'm going to bust their ass I'm going to bust their ass I'll be tie fighting"
  • Blankness - Fear My Thoughts
    "My hope, my dreams, my love - They fade Vanishing tastes of what I had and all that seems to stay with me are memories - A gone reality And everything I feel is the blankness within me I feel the emptiness"
  • Survival Scars - Fear My Thoughts
    "I saw the light coming for me, an icy wind arose, I fought so hard to stay The solitude was so close They pushed the needle right in me Pushed it into my head They pushed the needle right in me Survive"
  • Soul Consumer - Fear My Thoughts
    "I've got that feeling That you're scared my little friend You are shivering And you're nervous I can see You got no reasons to behave unassertive I will show you, you can count on me for sure The young"

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