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  • Ad Arma Ad Arma - Gehenna
    "(Music by sanrabb) (Lyrics by Sanrabb) In total control Total supremacy Terror spreads with increasing speed Towards the west from the east Soldiers scream out in fascination Caused by horror beyond"
  • Ad Infinitum - Arcwelder
    "(s macdonald) History repeats itself ad infinitum If the plans come off the shelf he hopes he was invited And the world's hard on the kid For something he never did And the weight is square on"
  • Ad Libitium - Ablaze My Sorrow
    "I will follow my desire Building up my dreams empire Not listening to your bullshit I'm free I have no sire I will not hesitate If you stand in my way Then I'll promise you You won't see another day I"
  • Ad Noctum - Borknagar
    "Swept in a distant dream, I am bound As a cunning waver trapped in it's line Facing the cold, stuck in the mould The magma here under makes fire seems cold And I've been down below And I've been high"
  • Ad Nauseam - Fad Gadget
    "Tarred and feathered like a gutted chicken Stuck in a rut out of luck ad nauseam Sew up my lips and cut my throat I choke on the gag but I don't get the joke Spineless and fish-like, I swim in the mire I"
  • 2,000 AD - Maroon Town
    "Let's hold a meeting, discuss a few things General points major upcomings Attitude in life are so bad let try to change them With a conference of the world you got your invitation You don't need no invitation"
  • Ad Noctis - Rotting Christ
    "Ad Noctis I am the healer and the deceiver I am the sober eye of fate I always take to be the giver I am the crimson eye of hate My love is sloth corrupting order I am the secret hand of pain I am the"
  • Want Ad - MxPx
    "i need the kind of girl that knows a girl that likes to wear my clothes someone who always buys me coke someone who laughs at all my jokes that's the girl that i want to see fall in love with me that's"
  • 2069 Ad - Project Pitchfork
    "working on a machine in this building do you know what I mean the walls are grey so are the thoughts they all obey living in this state is like hell fear dominates everything"
  • Penthouse Ad - Run DMC
    "(Run-D.M.C.) Run-D.M.C., the Kings of Queens and we in this month's Penthouse, Magazine You can find out things that you never knew About Run-D.M.C. in the April issue (D.M.C.) Like, I was a kid, this"

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