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Armin van Buuren Feat Jennifer Rene - Fine Without You

  • Fine Without You - Paola
    "what's goes on? what's gone wrong in your mind? this can't go on cause I ain't blinde it's not right you're moving on it's what you want, and besides I'm getting on with my life it's allright so baby"
  • Fine Without You - Alkaline Trio
    "Well I'll sit here and convince myself it's true. If you keep on telling your friends that we're through. I've got nothing here but loneliness Holes in walls and bleeding fists. My head is pounding like"
  • Wild Wild Son (feat. Sam Martin) - Armin Van Buuren
    "hello son are you ready come into the Earth? we can't wait to hold you in rush .... you be standing crash... all day you can get into much trouble nothing gona stop mi lovin' you always My Wild Wild"
  • Waiting For The Night (feat. Fiora) - Armin Van Buuren
    "Shoot me down and I’ll get up again emotion running high with double meaning just another day to keep it calm within but I can’t find a way to fight this shadow dreaming We’re always waiting for the night Never"
  • Black and white (feat Rene-Charles) - Celine Dion
    "I took my baby on a Saturday bang Boy is that girl with you Yes we're one and the same Now I believe in miracles And a miracle has happened tonight But, if you're thinkin' about my baby It don't matter"
  • I Need You (feat. Olaf Blackwood) - Armin van Buuren & Garibay
    "She walks all late at night As she says het goodbyes She’s close to sacrifice She knows something ain’t right It ain’t easy and it ain’t pleasing She’ s just tryna find a way out there She put out faith"
  • Wait for you - Armin Van Buuren
    "feat. Victoria Horn(Song For The Ocean)Under my soul, I hide, chasing emotions Can't you see? If I let it go, will we reveal, a sign of devotion, all you feel? Sometimes there's a moment Sometimes we don't"
  • Jennifer - Letters To Cleo
    "Started out with defeat. Everyone was asleep. And now you know that it's time to make up you mind like me. Now I'm not one to complain but you're driving me insane. And now you know that it's time to"
  • Jennifer - Aberfeldy
    "Jennifer, Jennifer Please come out walking with me Don't say you'd prefer to stay home watching tv I don't mind whatever you do I'm alright when I'm with you And I don't want to kiss nobody Nobody but"
  • Jennifer - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "Jennifer I, was talkin to you you said you could fly I believe in you Right over our heads while i was sleeping you said that the clouds were always weeping rain. Jennifer jenn lets make it come true I"

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