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Asle beck

  • Muthafukka - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Muthafukka Homey don't play that shit Hey, mr. asshole, what's your big hassle Sitting in your castle, judging everyone You're acting like it's chill When the deal's getting ill Why"
  • Devil Got My Woman / Kcrw Appearance 1995 - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Devil Got My Woman / Kcrw Appearance 1995 Musta been the devil B'lieve that woman has gone now Musta been the devil B'lieve that woman has gone now Nothin but the devil Change my baby's"
  • Untitled - Beck
    "I just got put down In the ashes of a backwash town Black debris, the burned-out trees Blows out over the sunken seas Somewhere far along Singin' the regular song Dead machines, frozen dreams It's a state"
  • 8.6.82 - Beck
    "Beck Stereopathetic Soulmanure 8.6.82 It's August 6th, 1982. And uh, we were jammin' over at the house. My pants caught on fire. We were smokin' a lotta... whiskey, and uh, chicken. And uh, got some food"
  • Big Stompin Mama - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Big Stompin Mama (now brothers and sisters,...(?) in vietnam... And i want you all to be singing while i'm Pickin up these herbs here...) Big stompin mama with a can of ? Thick gold"
  • Whiskey Faced, Radioactive, Blowdryin' Lady - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Whiskey Faced, Radioactive, Blowdryin' Lady Alright here's a stupid song i wrote today Yeah Alright, ok this is called uh... ->would this be a world premiere? Yeah this is probably the"
  • The World May Loose It's Motion - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous The World May Loose It's Motion The storms are on the ocean On and on they go Searching through the waters Where you might be low And i am so downhearted Never to be well And i am disappointed The"
  • People Gettin' Busy - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous People Gettin' Busy Walk to the bridge, stand like a fridge Empty and cold, burnin' a light bulb Outside (???) Right now Get down Right now People gettin' busy Right now Get down Right"
  • .000.000 - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous .000.000 ....twilight...???? I've seen your place before, i've tread thid field ??? I bought a plastic light, my separate ceiling blade My city to the scope, my ???? spokes My ???? But"
  • Sweet Virginia - Beck
    "Mike Ness: Wadin' through the waste stormy winter And there's not a friend to help you through Try and stop the waves behind your eyeballs Drop your reds, drop your greens and blues Eddie Vedder: Thank"

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