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  • Oh Wot A Dream - Kevin Ayers
    "You are the most extraordinary person You write the most peculiar kind of tunes I met you floating as I was boating One Afternoon Wasn't it the most amazing meeting surrounded by those monsters from"
  • Take Me To Tahiti - Kevin Ayers
    "Listen to me, lovely; Shake our relations, hip; You make such sweet wine I want to take a sip. Take me to Tahiti Take me on your plane; When I reach Tahiti, I'll understand the game. Eat your crazy"
  • It Begins With A Blessing/Once I Awakened/But It Ends With A Curse - Kevin Ayers
    "It begins with a blessing But it ends with a curse Making life easy But making it worse My mask is my master The trumpeter weeps But his voice is so weak As he speaks from his sleep Saying Why why why"
  • Irreversible Neural Damage - Kevin Ayers
    "If you wear this silver bonnet I will sew my heart upon it For this bonnet makes you seem Like someone I met in a dream, a dream I won't wear your silver bonnet Not unless some gold's put on it You"
  • Guru Banana - Kevin Ayers
    "Whos the one with the grin on his face Says he's gonna save the human race He laughs a lot as he climbs to fame Whats his name Guru Banana That's me and I'll show you the light I've got the answers"
  • Toujours La Voyage - Kevin Ayers
    "See how she smiles Like an affectionate child Do not disturb do not do anything wild Sweetly she dreams of love as a rainbowed High on my I won't disturb her while dreaming I'll only try Hour by hour"
  • Sweet Deceiver - Kevin Ayers
    "I've been up all night with a kind of light Burning in my brain The flames is cold .... freezing, But it takes away my pain I don't feel any pain No, I don't feel any pain Just sit here listening"
  • Diminished But Not Finished - Kevin Ayers
    "Hey Babe you're making my wheels start turning Loving but I'm still learning to Hey babe nothing to say but words And I could just play with words all day Never knew how to write a love song Always"
  • Circular Letter - Kevin Ayers
    "Some people sent me a circular letter Explaining how their ideas were better And asking me to join their gang They said they were select So many people they reject I read it carefully to give them a chance"
  • Mr. Cool - Kevin Ayers
    "Whatever happened to Mr Cool Somebody took him back to school He thought he knew but he did not Now his name is Mr Hot. Oh Mr Hot, Mr Hot don't think your through cause you're not You still don't have"

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