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Babyshambles UnBiloTitled

  • ? Rebours - Babyshambles
    "Rebours You sent for me I was knock knock knocking on death's door You ignore, adore, a rebours me You leave me washed up begging for more If you really cared for me Ah you'd let me be You'd set me free But"
  • Sticks & Stones - Babyshambles
    "Now here's a tale Tale I will tell Blood lust after no sweet love And a many, many things I do so well Oh you know that's the end That's the end so far away down They said that I was as good as dead And"
  • Crumb Begging Bahead - Babyshambles
    "Don't take me for no sunbeam Don't take me for no sunbeam No sunbeam no sunbeam Just another faction of Like another fraction of Another tax out of your life Don't take me for no sunbeam Don't take me"
  • At The Flophouse - Babyshambles
    "Everything's got to be Just how it has to be Or he won't play And I know that boy wants to Approach me and say All he's got to say Maybe he'll say it today, maybe no There was a slight altercation, oh Down"
  • Eight Dead Boys - Babyshambles
    "Sit right down if you're a friend You know there ain't too many left of them You said I want drugs, I want it all Well you look better now than last time But you still look better from afar The life that"
  • Pentonville Rough - Babyshambles
    "It's rough It's wicked and rough It's hard Pentonville rough It's tough It's wicked and rough It's hard Pentonville rough Now in Pentonville there's all type of nation Russian, Columbian and Jamaican Latvian,"
  • A little death around the eyes - Babyshambles
    "A little death around the eyes Take your medicine in your hotel room That's your medicine Better rest on all fours That's your medicine In a nut shell Your boyfriend's name was Dave But I was bold and"
  • Another girl, another planet - Babyshambles
    "I always flirt with death I could kill, but I don't care about it I can face your threats Stand up tall and scream and shout about it I think I'm on another world with you I'm on another planet with you"
  • Anything but love - Babyshambles
    "You put your love upon me though I was ??We lift the twisted little ?? story up on the fifth floorI said: you can have my love for a song or rideBut don't hold it up to the lightOh loveless, my loveless"
  • Arcady - Babyshambles
    "In Arcady, your life trips alongIt's pure and simple as the shepherd's songSeraphic pipes along the way in ArcadyIn ArcadyNever saw I such a sceneSuch maids upon such a molten greenThey employ their holiday"

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