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Baz astral

  • Viaje Astral - Jaguares
    "Ella vaijo por su balcon a contruir su constelacion fuera de toda represion creo su propia abstraccion material Tu instinto fue quien te enseno ese viaje astral nadie podra detener esa evolucion mortal"
  • Astral Traveller - Yes
    "(Jon Anderson) And in the ruins Caught in the noose around me, Glasses tell lies. Wondering when To do it again of another Flying to the sky, Somewhere flying high. Astral trav'ller, Leaving without her, Wond'ring"
  • Astral world - Rockets
    "In the night, when it's darkI will stand, dressed in blackAstral worldI'm the dream in your sleepI'm the tear when you weepAnd I can hypnotise you with bionic eyesYou can find me around, Astral worldYou"
  • Astral America - Apollo 440
    "I shall not cease from mental fight No politics will see me right No man in space; no space in man A God shaped hole in a God shaped land Astral America La La La L-America Use up your body; sister"
  • Astral Dub - Celestial Season
    "I can be wrong, I can be wrong but something lies the astral skies, can't get these pictures off my mind smoking sunshine, can't get my feet back on the ground the astral skies, they keep me rolling ..."
  • Astral Body - Alphaville
    "Into this world we're thrown A lifeform without a home Clowns in a circus called the material world Gods without immortality, nothing to lose Nothing to gain, nothing to keep Shepherds of dreams, we are"
  • Astral boy - Alphaville
    "Into this world we're thrown a lifeform without a home clowns in a circus called the material world gods without immortality, nothing to lose nothing to gain, nothing to keep shepherds of dreams, we are"
  • Astral & Arcane - Vintersorg
    "Twilight visions reflowers my shackled mood It's time to heal, to join the unearthly's galanty show My spirit hungers for the night's remedies which breeds in the depths of mother nature's wide womb Waiting"
  • Astral Annihilation - Unleash The Archers
    "Run tonight, lest death find you There's no escaping from this raging fire No running from this flaming universe Watch the stars collide as we fight Among the far outreaches of the sky Solar winds are"
  • Ansuz Astral - Enslaved
    "(Tekst: Ivar Bjrnson) ANSUZ, ANSUZ! - Skipet fa fr kai Aldri vil ho vende att; ho er trygg i stjernenatt WUNJO, WUNJO! - Reisa har vrt lang Han som sd kjem draumen til; tek han dit han draume vil Vidare"

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