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Blan space Taylor Switch

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Blan space Taylor Switch
  • Lupe Fiasco Switch
    "Yeah, revenge, now what we gonna do right now, a ha ugh, is gonna try a little experiment, just a little experiment, you know what I'm saying, a little science project, you know what I'm saying, I like"
  • Jazmine Sullivan Switch!
    "Hey I met him at the bookstore He said he'd like to get to know me just a little more Asked me to dinner I said I'd bring my girlfriend He said that's cool 'cause he was gonna bring his best friend But"
  • Will Smith Switch
    "Yo mic check, mic check, yeah here you go Nah, he over here Yeah, I heard he got that hot new thing It's called "Switch" (switch) Let's get it going (chorus) Hey switch, turn it over and hit it Turn around"
  • Lil Wayne Switch
    "Lil Wayne: Uhm why your boyfriend acting like secret service Cause I'mma get you by yourself and get that super service You know I balls out, purchase without a purpose, I do you good then I'm Audi like"
  • Ashley Tisdale Switch
    "Switch it, switch it You're out of this world, I'm sure of it A crazy intuition You're off and on, you're here and gone, come back A curious condition And then you switch right over It's weird, yeah I"
  • Sugababes Switch
    "He's nothing special Don't need his dough Settling down what is that a joke You're feeling his best friend Your ex bores you 'Cos he started to ignore you He starts his speech Tell him not to preach Always"
  • 5ive Switch
    "You gotta stop, listen up Checking out my beats Know the day uniques Got ya jumping out ya seats, ah Never bring the same flow upon a track Better watch your back When I bring the switch attack, now People"
  • Arsenal Switch
    "It's that second in between, it's the boiling point indeed It's a supervisor hitting the outlaw on the scene And you'll be ready, when time erased your deeds. What is the use of warning, when nothing"
  • Blackbud Switch
    "Close to you, I feel the waves wash over me, Close to you, There's nothing I can do or say, Close to you, I feel the tide wash over me, Close to you, I still remember, I'm born but I'm alive,"
  • Heidi Switch
    "I'm loosing my own sheet and I'm feeling scared like a baby But I should get over it soon But I keep on loosing my green I tell myself: get over it Chorus: Don't you be so bitter Try to have a"

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