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Bsrely gohost loft

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Bsrely gohost loft
  • Loft Magic Of The Night
    "Since you've been gone I feel inside The secret magic of the night My life is burning don't ask me why I feel the magic of the night Secret magic of the night Feel the magic of the night Move Baby,"
  • Loft Mallorca
    "Mallorca, extasy and motion, oh oh oh That's Mallorca Mallorca, give me your devotion, oh oh oh That's Mallorca Living is easy, life will be so crazy I don't wanna miss it no more Come on down and"
  • Loft Respect
    "When you're feeling down and low And there's no place you can go When your job's driving you mad And you're feeling kind upset You're about to lose your pride Cause your lover said goodbye There's"
  • Loft Summer Summer Summer
    "It's me dem call mi Courtney D. What you all fe know say mi a born yardle When mi come around man mi guarantee To nice up the club and nice up the party Look pon the girls how dem look sexy Go dance"
  • Loft Don't walk away
    "Don't walk away, walk away, walk away, boy Please don't walk away, walk away, walk away, boy Touch my body, hold me closer, Take me now and make me love tonight Don't walk away, walk away, walk away Please"
  • Loft Live it up
    "You got to live your life Don't you know life is just too short Just gotta get up on your feet And party down Come on ! You got to live your life And live it up Come on and live your life And live it up"
  • Loft Mad
    "I must be mad To think that you will make my way Cause when I know you will, I know you need I must be mad To tell you that I see this things Cause when I read your mind, I know you believe I must be mad"
  • Loft Wake the world
    "Wake the world, wake the world, we got a long, long way to go Wake the world, wake the world, and let the fire in your heart, melt the snow Open your mind and you will love again Look with your eyes and"
  • The Beautiful South 10000 Feet
    "The part of love that I'm scared of is the actual taking off I can take a bumpy landing But the start must be soft soft, soft, soft It must be soft Some men need your attention every minute, every hour"
  • Aaron Carter I'll wait
    "I lay awake, thinking of you. Wondering why I do the things I do. How could I let your love escape. When all I do is waittttt..... I can't stop. Your love is still there. The ghost of you, comes to my"

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