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Champagne Kisses

  • Champagne, Champagne - Dada
    "Champagne, Champagne I love those little bubbles Champagne, Champagne Though they get me into trouble Lord, how I wish it would rain Champagne, Champagne, Champagne Champagne, Champagne From Hong Kong"
  • Champagne - Roberta Miranda
    "Champagne Um olhar fascinante que No para de iluminar Feito lua brilhante que Parece me acompanhar Uma luz to acesa que Transforma tudo ao redor Uma doce beleza que Faz da minha vida melhor Tua pele"
  • Champagne - Chris Rock
    "(feat. Freedom Williams) Yo man, R&B sucks! I mean there's a couple of people that can flow but for the most part, the genre sucks Just a bunch of people singin over rap beats Get a old rap record?"
  • Champagne - Days Of The New
    "Wait, it takes some time There's nothing more to make When you cross the line I got you something to drink, so open wide No matter how hard you try I want to know How it goes That's why we're taking away"
  • Champagne - The Who
    "Today it rained champagne A son was born again A genius unchained A life of wealth and fame, wealth and fame Champagne flowing down just like rain Caviar breakfasts every day Merchant banks and yachts"
  • Champagne - DQ
    "Here I am I have arrived to claim my fame Since time began Miss Thing has been my middle name Ill make forever fade in moments, I will be all I can be Ill crash onto the shores of destiny And when I get"
  • Champagne - 311
    "I will never understand you When will I stop trying I mean, cuz it's just not how I planned to Spend, my time til dying I mean Champagne California on the brain She's got an appetite for no refrains Just"
  • Champagne - Senses Fail
    "So I'm done with all this pain that I kept. Like a boxer thats been knocked down and lost his step. The doctor said, I'm sorry son, You cant win, you cant win this one. I've been fighting life on my knees"
  • Champagne - Bebe Rexha
    "It's getting really dark in here The only thing I taste is fear You shouldn't see me like this You don't want to see me conscious It's getting really cold in here The only thing I see is fear You shouldn't"
  • Kisses - Sergio Mendes
    "Kisses waking us up deep in the night Like dreaming Kisses taking us softly in flight Like drifting Shadows hiding us under a shawl Like falling Kisses wandering over us all Like loving Kisses"

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