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Clean Bandid

  • Clean - Opiate For The Masses
    "Why are you laughing? Behold These ears cant hear a thing Why are we crying? It's been too dry A tear's a waste of drink I think I'll lie here And let Whats left begin to sink Take whats left of me And"
  • Clean - Robbie Williams
    "There was a time When crazy days would start with wine And now I tow a different line I stay in bed and use my loaf instead f my bread And stroll on 'cos I've been thinking so long That something's gonna"
  • Clean - Depeche Mode
    "Clean The cleanest I've been An end to the tears And the in-between years And the troubles I've seen Now that I'm clean You know what I mean I've broken my fall Put an end to it all I've changed my routine Now"
  • Clean - Everclear
    "I want you to stay the way you are Skinny legs and all I know the time is coming When the boys will begin to call I wish that I could hurt for you When you are learning how to fall You are the reason"
  • Clean - Tapping The Vein
    "I am here on this platform And something may suck me down If I step off this platform, I'll be cut through clean If I had eyes in back of me, I shudder to think what I would see My faith brought me"
  • Clean - Watcha
    "Clean, j'ai bonne mine, pourtant creuse un peu en moi, crois-moi et vois ma ruine, une parodie ple du bien paratre, social total mental, j'me mens! Depuis longtemps dej dans mon sang se cache ce qui tche"
  • Clean - Clean - Buggles
    "Oh go johnny kick me in the head, Aimin' for the floorboard but they pick me up instead Through the ringing from the night before The engines running gotta pay a call Johnny drove the halftrack Cause"
  • Clean Clean - The Buggles
    "Pogo Johnny kicked me in the head, Aimin' for the floorboards but they pick me up instead Through the ringing of the night before Said the engine's running, gotta pay a call Johnny drove the halftrack"
  • Clean - Helmet
    "Spread your mind the fish feed Don't ignore my speech my Heart bleeds Make yourself the perfect butt Some passing thought, I don't know what Don't remind me, I'll take What I need to Get back in"
  • Clean - Samiam
    "I'd Like to hide away Somewhere without light Somewhere dark and warm no given chance to lose Without a care in my head I could sleep right through I gave it all away today Thoes empty stares won't be"

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