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Could could could

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Could could could
  • Yung Lean Shine
    "If I die Shine, all I do is outshine I can't go outside I do this for my life Fluorescent lights I need a bitch by my side All my brothers gon' rise All I do is outshine Blood, blood on the moonlight Let"
  • Yung Lean Pearl Fountain
    "For my set I go in So many places I don't know where I've been They keep asking me what state I’m in So many faces I don't know who I met (Ay, ay) Shining, shining foreign ice They be crying tears look"
  • Alice Cooper Rock & Roll
    "Jenny said: when she was just 5 years old There was nothing happening at all Every time she turned on the radio There was nothing’ goin’ down at all Then one mornin’’ On a Detroit station Couldn’t believe"
  • twocolors Lovefool (ft. Pia Mia)
    "Love me, love me Say that you love me Fool me, fool me Go on and fool me Dear , i gfear were facing a problem You love me no longer, i know And maybe there is nothing that i can do To make you do Mama"
  • Anna Nadkierniczna Sunrise
    "Sunrise, sunrise Looks like mornin' in your eyes But the clocks held 9:15 for hours Sunrise, sunrise Couldn't tempt us if it tried 'Cause the afternoon's already come and gone And I said hoo... To you Surprise,"
  • Martyna Zygadło When You Believe
    "Many nights we pray With no proof anyone could hear And our hearts a hopeful song We barely understand Now we are not afraid Although we know there's much to fear We were moving mountains long Before we"
  • Natalia Szczypuła As
    "As around the sun the Earth knows she's revolving And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May Just as hate knows love's the cure You can rest your mind assure That I'll be loving you always As them can't"
  • Mr. Pollack Stand Up And Run
    "What’s man in front of the mountain What’s man in front of the sun When life strikes like the thunder There’s no place you can hide You think, you’re hard like a diamond That you could ride the wind God"
  • Jędrzej Skiba Thinking Out Loud
    "When your legs don't work like they used to before And I can't sweep you off of your feet Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks? And darling"
  • Mikołaj Macioszczyk Bad Liar
    "Oh hush my dear, it’s been a difficult year And terrors don’t prey on innocent victims Trust me darlin’, trust me darlin’ It’s been a loveless year I’m a man of three fears Integrity, faith and crocodile"

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