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Dem teksty piosenek

  • Dem Searching - Wayne Wonder
    "Lord of Moses, Lord of Moses Hey Cho Dem searching dem searching that is why dem pirate our things Cause dem searching and searching like parrot a suh wi clip dem wing Hear dem searching dem searching"
  • Deport dem - Sean Paul
    "Dutty Yo!!! K. Licious (?) Yeah yeah, yeah yeah Dutty Yo! Yo yo yo yo! Sean Paul a mek di whole world know From a gal nuh up to date wi deport dem Cant keep up wit di trends wi report dem If a"
  • Run Dem - Skindred
    "run dem chase, dem run dem, chase dem we ah fe run dem chase dem why you carry on in such an evilolus way cutting your eyes and throwing daggers every day forgive them becouse dem no know what dem ah do"
  • Dem Gone - Gentleman
    "Jah Jah is real! Jah Jah is real! Chorus: Dem gone. so far away Dem gone. the hole a dem ago regret it one day (Repeat) Every day you get up and wish to have a meal now you get a cut and wish to have it"
  • Dem Thangz - Angie Martinez F/ Q-Tip
    "Angie Martinez F/ Q-Tip Miscellaneous Dem Thangz Girl, you gotta move dem thangz, dem thangz I wanna see you move dem thangz, dem thangz In the hood dawg, you know they move dem thangz, dem thangz Cause"
  • Dem Boyz - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Bad Boys South Block Entertainment I see you block! Boyz N Da Hood I like this right here Y'all ready? Come on Lets ride Its Boyz N Da Hood nigga (Boyz N Da Hood nigga) (In Da Hood nigga) As we proceed"
  • Dem Fraid - Black Rhino
    "A Black Rhyno, Stephen! Yeh eh, testing it yeh One few three testing it Get a shot out a my gun A jack inna di bwoi dem belly Push out dem intestine Shot inna di bwoi di war him chase Man a run out wen"
  • Dem Bitches - Psychopathic Rydas
    "Everybody wanna know who run Bitch, you know who the fuck run it We run it We always have and always will mothafucka, whut! Who play dem bitches like a ball game Rydas do Who play dem bitches like they"
  • Dem Jeans - Chingy
    "(JD) How the hell did you get all of that in dem jeans How da how da hell did you get all of that in dem jeans Cuz your waist so little and your ass it like wo Cuz your waist so little and your ass it"
  • Africanize Dem - Patrice
    "From you're scared and soft and don't have no love inside you From you feel ashamed 'cause I'n'I identify you You have been found Pick you off the ground I'll dry your tears Our kingdom is near Come on"

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