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Droga aniu mirage

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Droga aniu mirage
  • Atozzio Mirage
    "Driving [? ] on the highway, signal is fading And I ask so much I wanna say it's my fault I made it (this way) Pushing you (away) from me And the day spins, I know I see your face But I'm trippin' cause"
  • Doro Pesch Mirage
    "Every time I see your face I see the light Every time I call your name I know it ain't right I'm on the run again Don't know if I could ever make you see Maybe I feel no pain But I need you to keep me"
  • Aura Noir Mirage
    "A parade of ghosts brought these innocent feelings to where innocent itself was brought to. To view the rush of female tempests. My Sculptured face turns and twists by the sound of my own (horrid) laughter. Awoken"
  • Alien World Mirage
    "Alien World Everybody, Nobody, Somebody, Anybody Mirage Mirage's has no meaning there and gone within one breath you inhale and exhale without ever seeing what was their before, no one can say truly beautiful"
  • Alexandra Savior Mirage
    "Violent was tickling my fancy Give out just the right ampoount of my solu I wonder if it makes me shound too old Decided that’s Stella or Candy Seems as if I’m spinning down a pole Swept them over to"
  • To-Mera Mirage
    "Hush now, the morning's near Her crystal light will wash away all your fear Your teary eyes she'll blind with hope She'll make you believe There's meaning to reveal Make you believe yesterday couldn't"
  • Grits Mirage
    "Chorus:First you see it then you don't (a Mirage)Hopin' when I get up close, it's a colorful collageFar off it looks real (a Mirage), hidden till the Idisappears.Naw girl, chill, it ain't even like thatI"
  • Doro Mirage
    "So criminal, you're torturing me With your terminal eyes Your voodoo brings me down on my knees You're the murdering kind Flesh on flesh, sweat on sweat Hot as hell, cold as steel Two animals, machine"
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees Mirage
    "I'm just a vision on your TV screen Just something conjured from a dream Seen thro' your x-ray eyes, A see-thro' scene The image is no images It's not what it seems. My limbs are like palm trees Swaying"
  • Ryan Cabrera Mirage
    "I feel the wind as it carries me, above, above my soul, into a land that I've always dreamed of, a world where we all could soar, it's a waterfall, i can taste it all, with everydrop of rain I brought"

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