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  • No Roads Left - Linkin Park
    "Standing alone with no direction How did I fall so far behind? Why am I searching for perfection? Knowing it's something I won't find In my fear and flaws I let myself down again All because I run Till"
  • Sores Will Weep - Intronaut
    "Making allegations of questionable value How can you right what isn't wrong? All our preoccupations, all of out pretensions Placated to the point of retardation This distinction in unfakeable These flaws"
  • The Very Same - Wall Of Sleep
    "We're forced to be the riders of stained glass skies Anyhow, anyway We're forced to be the bridlers of flight of minds Every time, every way We're forced to be bolts in a mechanism to run its own way Cogwheel"
  • Don't Wait That Long - James
    "Operator, operator, operator, operator Operator, operator, operator, operator Operator, the lines are down, are down And I'm a traitor, traitor to a beautiful cause God made me to her own design Bad planning,"
  • Vices - Anti-Flag
    "I must again sing my dissent until your end I must again sing my dissent until your end We all have our vices, We all have our flaws, We all have our anger, we all have our love. This is the first set"
  • Bloodsucker - Agnostic Front
    "You hide behind our cause Wave a flag for all to see We know all your flaws Your intent, always greed Superseed for your greed Stab our backs, we bleed No shit, we won't take Realize you're just a fake Played"
  • Regret - Assemblage 23
    "Some time ago I checked my conscience And found it wasn't all that clean A trail of people I had hurt A sea of sins left unredeemed Regret is a dull and rusted blade That covers me with scars that never"
  • Darkness - The Police
    "(Stewart Copeland) I can dream up schemes when I'm sitting in my seat I don't see any flaws till I get to my feet I wish I never woke up this morning Life was easy when it was boring I could make a mark"
  • Breach Of Integrity - Nasum
    "Do this Be that Say this Scream that I'd rather watch from the shadows And be my own Don't give me your contempt I already gave you mine I won't be needing your dogma I am Me I am Me, it's working fine I"
  • Dust And Guilt - Arsis
    "Sensations, curse me and my ways Force-feed me blind on empty days Today, my faith was lost again A grave was dug to mourn its loss And in this grave I keep my friends Loneliness, impure urges And the"

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