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Hear'Say - One

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Hear'Say - One
  • Hear'Say Make It Happen
    "Like a supersonic boom coming at ya One thing on my mind Everybody' out to get something Ain't no compromise You know that I am gonna wait I'm gonna take my time I'm gonna take my time There no need"
  • Hear'Say Not The End Of The World
    "Written by Kennedy / Lever / Percy / Woodcock / Cawley Say you been hurt now Say that nothing feels the same Say you're alone now It wasn't working anyway Get up, get out And you will find You're not"
  • Hear'Say Suddenly
    "Written by C.Dennis / O, Paul. Having fun getting sun moving on That seemed to be the thing for me Single and so happy Hit the town getting down play around That's all I wanted to do until I saw you You"
  • Hear'Say Pure And Simple
    "Wherever you go, Whatever you do, Its pure and simple, Ill be there for you. You've been saying that Im driving you crazy, And I haven't been around for you lately, but I had a few things on my mind. When"
  • Hear'Say Pure & Simple (New Version)
    "Written by: T. Hawes / P. Kirtiey/ A, Clarkson Wherever you go Whatever you do It's pure and simple I'll be there for you You've been saying that I'm driving you crazy And I haven't been around for you"
  • Hear'Say Brand New Day
    "Cos tonight we're on our way Gonna start a brand new day Come and join the ride, listen what we say Their a word going down It's a whole new day and brand new sound Talking to everyone (everyone) (oh yeah) There'll"
  • Hear'Say Cry-Kym Marsh
    "I would like to say that I never ment to make you cry, I think about you every day no matter what your friends might say. Every-body knows my name even though im still the same, I just would like to say"
  • Hear'Say I Knew You Were Waiting
    "Like a warrior that fights and wins the battle I know the taste of victory Though I went through some nights, consumed by the shadows I was crippled emotionally Mmm, somehow I made it through the heartache Yes"
  • Hear'Say Pure & Simple
    "You've been saying I'm driving you crazy And I haven't been around for you lately But I've had a few things on my mind When I'm with you I am filled with emotion Can't you see that I'm giving you devotion And"
  • Hear'Say Don't Go Believing
    "Written by Ray Hedges / Nigel Butler / Hear'Say Everything about you babe just makes sense You're my sweet memory, that's right (that's right) Every time I'm without you I reminisce About the way we kissed"

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